Sunday, March 11, 2012

Benny Bunny -- A Pocket Pal (Free Pattern & Tutorial)

Inspired by these fun furry friends I spotted on Pinterest a couple days ago, last night a new friend came to play at our house.  He's especially fond of Olivia.  And cookies.  And books.  He's fairly quiet and prefers to spend his time reading, but we can always coax him out of bed to come and play.

He's one happy, friendly bunny!  And oh-so fun to play with.  He's great at keeping little fingers busy (and quiet!) for long happy periods of time.

Olivia loves to read him stories.  During church today she whispered stories to him for quite a while.  Stories are Benny's favorite.

Chocolate cookies are Benny's other favorite.

Sometimes he likes to be naughty and sneak them in bed.

Eating chocolate cookies + reading in his cozy bed = a very happy Benny Bunny.

Benny has lots of things that make him happy.

If you want to make them too (as well as a Benny Bunny of your own) come back throughout the week for a fun collection of fast and easy mini tutorials.

By the end of the week (maybe sooner if I have time to get all the tutorials up right away) you'll have a cozy Benny Bunny of your own to play with!  Update: Links to all of the tutorials are included below!

Get a list of materials to have on-hand after the jump!

Also after the jump, I'll include a list of the mini tutorials and update the list with links as each of the tutorials are published.  So feel free to pin this page on Pinterest.  It'll have everything you need when you come back to it later.

What you'll need to make Benny & his things:

  • an Altoids tin (or mint tin approximately the same size)
  • white felt (I prefer wool felt, but craft felt will work too)
  • pink felt
  • purple felt (or another color)
  • fun fabric scraps
  • rickrack
  • embroidery floss
  • brown button (yummy ones like these)
  • needle & thread
  • sewing machine

Have fun gathering your supplies!

Benny Bunny Mini Tutorials

  • Cookie* 

*There's no tutorial for the cookie.  It's just a brown button.  :)

If you make a Benny Bunny of your own, please add some photos of Benny and his things to the Flickr group!  That way everyone can see all the fun variations as well as new ideas for things Benny might enjoy.  :)


Kathy Haynie said...

Awesome! I know several special little people in my life who would love to have Benny come live with them...

Lacey said...

Can I admit that as a computer illiterate being, I have absolutely no idea what you mean when you say "after the jump", because I don't see a single thing that would clue me in to the fact this so called "jump" was even happening. I keep meaning to ask you what the heck you're talking about, but always forget :) Benny turned out super cute, I can see how Lala loves him.

Katie Lewis said...

Sorry for the confusion Lacey! I put a page break in most of my posts now so that my homepage is easier to scroll through. So as you scroll through the list of posts a lot of them go on for a bit and then have a link that says "Read more>>" at the bottom. That's the jump/page break. Usually I'll post specific details about things (like the instructions for tutorials, etc.) after the "jump" or page break so every post isn't a mile long on the homepage.

Brittany said...

This is so cute, Katie!

Kristie said...

This is so cute. Need to make the house for the bunny for my kids, as we have the ikea finger puppets.(courtesy of Aunt Jenn. Love it when my kids get spoiled by someone else!) But what a super fun idea!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

So cute. I bet Olivia has fun with him.

Julia said...

This is absolutely adorable. By far my favorite thing on your blog thus far!

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Perfect for church, indeed. Benny Bunny could even have his own Bible, too.

Love this! Will be making some of these as "Quiet" gifts. Good job!