Monday, March 12, 2012

Benny Bunny's Mattress -- Free Pattern & Tutorial

Here's something I think we can all appreciate: a good mattress.  And all the better if it's tiny and charming, right?

Benny certainly thinks so.  And who can blame him?  I'd love to have a pretty little mattress like his.

(Though, let's be honest, it's probably not the most comfortable mattress in the world.  But if you're flat like Benny, who needs a cushy mattress?)

Benny's mattress is so simple to make.

And it fits just right in his tiny little home.

Ooh, so cute and cozy.

Need to make your own mini mattress?
You'll find the free pattern and tutorial after the jump!

Ready to make this cozy little mattress for your own little friend?  Let's go!


  • 2 pieces of quilting weight cotton measuring 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
  • enough rickrack to go around the edges
  • white thread

Step 1: Print pattern (optional)

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the all of the Benny Bunny patterns.  For this project we'll just be using the "mattress" pattern.

Or you can skip printing the pattern all together and just use a ruler to cut your pieces out.  :)  See next step for measurements.

Step 2: Cut mattress pieces

Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".

You can either just use a ruler to measure or you can use the mattress pattern (see Step 1) as a guide.

Step 3: Sew rickrack

Pin rickrack all the way around the edges of one of your mattress pieces.  (Your fabric should be facing right side up.)  Make sure the ends of the rickrack overlap.

TIP: I tried to line up the outermost edge of my rickrack with the edge of my fabric.  Obviously I wasn't a pro at it, but that was my general goal here.

Sew the rickrack to the fabric.  I mostly just tried to sew down the middle of my rickrack.

Step 4: Sew mattress pieces together

Lay the remaining mattress piece over the mattress piece with rickrack, right sides together.

Pin in place, leaving an opening on one side.

This is where you'll turn the mattress right side out, so make sure the opening is big enough for your to get a finger or two in through.

Starting at one end of your opening, stitch all the way around the mattress using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Stop at the other end of your opening.

Step 5: Turn & press

Clip the corners of the mattress.

Turn the mattress right side out.  You may need to employ the help of a small crochet hook or chopstick.

Your opening will probably look something like this.
Tuck that seam allowance nicely inside.

With the seam allowance folded inside, press the mattress.  Using a bit of steam always helps.

Step 6: Sew topstitching

Carefully stitch around the edge of the mattress.  This will sew the opening shut as well as give it a nice polished look.


That's it!  Lay it inside Benny's home and let him test it out!
Ahh, everybody loves a good mattress.

For all of the Benny Bunny tutorials, click HERE.

If you make your own Benny Bunny and his things, be sure to add pictures to the Flickr group so we can see all the fun variations and get ideas for other things Benny might like!

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Oh my gosh these are ADORABLE! Thank you for my Easter Basket ideas! I need to get on finding a variety of little tins!