Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Benny Bunny's Pillow -- Free Pattern & Tutorial

Alright, we've already finished making Benny Bunny and his mattress.  Now it's time to make a pillow for his sweet little head!

Find the full pattern and tutorial after the jump!


  • a scrap of quilting weight cotton
  • a bit of stuffing
  • a needle and thread

Step 1: Print pattern (optional)

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the all of the Benny Bunny patterns.  For this project we'll just be using the "pillow" pattern.

Or you can skip printing the pattern all together and just use a ruler to cut your pieces out.  :)  See next step for measurements.

Step 2: Cut fabric

Cut one piece of fabric measuring 4 1/4" x 1 3/4".

You can either just use a ruler to measure or you can use the pillow pattern (see Step 1) as a guide.

Step 3: Sew pillow

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance, start at the fold and sew most of the way around the pillow.
Leave a small opening for turning the pillow right side out and adding stuffing.

Once sewn, clip the corners (except the corner next to the opening).

Step 4: Turn & press

Turn the pillow right side out.
You may need to employ the help of a small crochet hook or chopstick to gently poke out the corners.

Tuck the seam allowance at the opening inside the pillow and press.

Step 5: Stuff

Grab a bit of stuffing (or tiny fabric scraps) and fill that cute little pillow.

If your opening is as small as mine was, you may find it helpful to stuff it in with the blunt end of a pen.

Step 6: Sew the opening shut

Your pillow will now look like this.

Grab a needle and thread.  I just used regular sewing thread, doubled over with a knot at the end.

Poke your needle inside the pillow through the opening and bring it out about 1/4" from the opening.  This will hide your knot neatly inside.

We'll sew it shut by taking small horizontal stitches on either side of the opening.
First make a small stitch on one side of the opening.

Then make a small stitch on the other side of the opening.

Continue stitching on alternating sides of the opening until you've sewn it all up.

Take a small stitch into the corner and tie a knot right up next to the fabric.

DO NOT snip your thread yet!

Insert the needle right next to your knot and poke it back out through the middle of the pillow.

Pull the needle out and pull the thread taught.

With the thread still pulled taught, snip the thread right down next to the surface of the pillow.  Your thread ends will hide nicely inside the pillow.


Aaaaand, you're done!

Lay the pillow down in Benny's bed and let him snuggle down in bed and try it out.
I think he likes it.

For all of the Benny Bunny tutorials, click HERE.

If you make your own Benny Bunny and his things, be sure to add pictures to the Flickr group so we can see all the fun variations and get ideas for other things Benny might like!

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