Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easy Circle Pocket Shirt

T-shirt: 90 Min Shirt from Made
Circle Pocket: inspired by this fun dress I saw ages ago

Simple & fun.
Totally our style around here.

Instructions after the jump!

Need instructions?

  • -Cut 2 circles from an old t-shirt & serge around the edges (with the circles together).  (Alternatively you could sew the two circles together, turn them right side out, and edgestich around the circle.)
  • -Sew the circle onto the front of the shirt, sewing around most of the top, skipping a space for a little hand to fit through, sewing along the bottom, and then leaving another space for the other little hand to go through.

Happy sewing!


Kathy Haynie said...

Wow - warm enough to play outside in a short-sleeved shirt! What a busy day on your street. Darling circle pocket. And I love the serged edges on the shirt. (Oh, and look at that cute skinny little bum minus the diapers!!)

Sourire11 said...

Super, super cute!!!

Steve and Nicole said...

aw, I love all these pictures of her! She is adorable, she looks like such a sweet little girl