Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easy PJ Pants

Not much to say about these little pj pants.  They were super quick, super easy, and Olivia super loves them.  So do I.

I used Dana's Kid Pants pattern.  I actually just used the "Back" pattern piece and lined the outside edge along the fold of my fabric, so each pant leg was only one piece instead of two.  It made the process that much faster and easier.

If I were making regular pants I might have put more effort into them (like these ones made from this same great pattern--that pair still fits her, by the way), but since these are just for sleeping in, I was all for making them as quick and easy as possible.

I also did most of the sewing on my serger, which also sped the process up significantly.  Serging the top and bottom edges of the pants (before sewing the pieces together) made it so I didn't have to turn the edges under twice to keep them from fraying.  And sewing the inside seams together on the serger keeps those edges nicely bound without having to do any extra work.  The only seams I sewed on my regular machine are the lines of stitching you can see in these pictures--the rows of stitching along the bottoms of the pant legs and the stitching around the elastic waist bands at the top.

Not that you couldn't do all this on a regular machine, of course.  Mostly I'm just mentioning that I sewed these mostly on my serger because I'm secretly still a little afraid of that thing and I'm always proud of myself when I actually use it.

Both pairs of pants are made from some lightweight, cozy flannel I bought at good ol' Jo-Ann's.  The sweet whale print I bought not too long ago and I love love love it.  The flower print I bought a long time ago (on clearance).  I don't love the flowers quite as much as the whales, but, hey, I've definitely seen uglier flannel, so I'm not too ashamed.

Olivia, so far, seems to love them both equally.  She was--ahem--none too pleased with her daddy and me this evening when I held them both up for her to choose from and we turned down her request to wear both.  You had better believe I was flattered.  ...And ready for her to go to bed.  :)


Kathy Haynie said...

I was really excited to bid on (and win) a pair of custom-made pajama pants (for me!) at the Relief Society talent auction this month. I talked with the gal who's going to make them for me, and she has some HIKING flannel she's going to use, now that she knows it's me she's making them for. I can't wait!

Sorry, this comment had nothing to do with the darling pj pants you made for Lala, except to underscore how jazzed we girls get about our pajama pants. I don't blame her for wanting to wear both of them. She has one talented mama!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Love homemade pajama pants! I even sew the elastic right into the pants, so I don't have to make a casing...or course then the waist can't be adjusted...

And so funny that she wanted both!

Kendra said...

cute, cute! Love the prints!