Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Signs of Spring

Today as Olivia and I were walking in from running some errands I noticed (well, she noticed first and then I noticed) some pretty little weeds growing along our fence.  After she went down for a nap, I was puttering around the house feeling bored and aimless and wanting to be outside in the beautiful weather.

So I stepped just outside our back door to do a bit of springtime harvesting.

This pretty little bouquet of homegrown weeds fit perfectly in this mini glass jar.

I love that even the stems are bright and full of fresh springtime color.

Whilst out gathering my weeds pretty flowers, I noticed that we had a rather plentiful crop of them right in our own little patio garden.  The weather today is beautiful and I had plenty of time to kill while Olivia napped (Bryan was actually napping too--finals week is hard), so I decided to wreak havoc on the plant life.

After a bit of work, our little plot of dirt is weed-free.

Err, sort of.

Most of the weeds in our garden are teeny tiny little plants that are truly impossible to "pull out by the roots" like I was always taught to do.  So I did the only practical thing I could think of and just grabbed handfuls of weeds until they were gone.  Then I used my tiny little shovel to turn all the soil.

Umm... hopefully this didn't just spread all those weed seeds around and make the problem worse.  I have zero gardening skills.  Every plant that has ever been in my care has died a slow and painful death.  Except weeds.  The weeds love me.

My one great gardening success was the way I rigged up the weed trash bag.

Dollar store basket + plastic grocery bag = me not having to open a bag every time I need to toss in a weed.

Then when you're done you just pull the handles up...

...tie them together, and toss it in the trash*.

*We don't have yard debris here, so it has to go out in the trash.  Sorry, Earth.

My pretty little weeds bid me a final farewell.

Any signs of spring where you are?


SassAFrass said...

You can "feel" spring oozying off of these pictures. Lovely

Kathy Haynie said...

Well, at least it didn't snow today...

Lisa Lou said...

We're in st. George this week, so YES!! The trees in blossom and 75degree weather equals perfect spring. Logan snow... Not so much.