Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Goals

If these little blossoms can bloom, so can I.  :)

I feel really good about what I've been doing in life lately.

I love that we're eating so well (so healthy, I mean).  Even more than I love the way my body feels better, I love the way I don't feel guilty about a single thing I put in my mouth.  That is so huge for me.  I'm so prone to self-inflicted guilt and it has been nothing short of liberating to only eat things that are really good for my body.

I am also still loving hanging our laundry up to dry.  I still feel just as whole and fulfilled about that as I did when I wrote this post.  I especially love it when I can hang our laundry outside on sunny days.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Colorful clothes swaying in the breeze.  Love it.

I love the way preschool is going with Olivia.  Right now we're doing it with a few other moms and kids and Olivia is absolutely loving it.  Each of us moms takes one day (Mon-Wed) to teach which keeps it low-stress and high-fun.  We usually do preschool here at our house since half of our basement is set up with a preschool calendar and other fun stuff and Olivia spends the time between waking up and preschool starting telling me that it's time for preschool and bringing me books to read to her.

And with so many things in life going so well, I've been thinking about other things I want to improve on.  Things that aren't bad, but could definitely be better.  Or things that I need to do more consistently.  Here's what I've decided on:


  • Go on the exercise bike or something equivalent for 30 minutes at least Mon-Fri
  • Do some ab exercises every day, at least Mon-Fri


  • Read the Ensign cover-to-cover every month
  • Read, watch, or listen to a General Conference talk from the most recent General Conference at least once a week

It's funny, but I'm always more enthusiastic about improving when things are already going well.  (As opposed to when things are already going badly.)  It seems like it should be the other way around, but it hardly ever is.  Do you get that way too?

Anyway, here's to improving a little.  :)

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alee said...

Glad you are in an upward spiral right now!!! :)