Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Totally Random (online photobooth + free bits of fabric)

Well, like yesterday, today I'm full of random.

1. Free Online Photo Booth
First up today, use this fun & free online photo booth to capture similarly flattering gems of you and all your friends.

Found via How About Orange.  Love that blog.

2. Free Bits of Fabric
Second, yesterday when I was spending way too much time poking around online, I came across this post on Oh Joy! which then led me to Serena and Lily... which then led me to Serena and Lily's fabric section.

Well, wouldn't you know?  For a limited time (don't know what that limit is, so sorry if you see this days or weeks or months from now and the deal is gone) you can order 10 swatches for free.  Not for free with $50,000 shipping.  Just free.  You pick the 10 swatches  (4"x4" pieces) of fabric and they mail them right to your front door, free of charge.

I'm not affiliated with either of these sites in any way, except that I've used them for the purposes I just mentioned.  Because free funny photos are just fun.  And free fabric?  Well, I've never been known to pass on it before.  Mine hasn't come in the mail yet, but I already got the "your order has been shipped" e-mail and I'm excited for that pretty little package to arrive.

Happy Wednesday, all!

P.S. Speaking of photos, did you hear the good news?  A replacement for Picnik is coming soon!  Apparently it's being created by ex-Picnik employees who are up to no good making a site that's supposed to be even better.  If you want to add your two cents and let them know what features and improvements you're looking for, leave them a note on their Facebook page.  They're taking the feedback seriously.

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Whitney said...

Wow thanks for the post! Seriously, I didn't know ANY of these things and was JUST making photo booth photos in photoshop the other day, just cuz I love them so. Thanks for sharing, I'm so excited!