Monday, March 26, 2012

Worn Out! (Oh, and Brown Bag)

We picked some of these pretty little flowers for part of the preschool lesson today.

I feel like I have been in the kitchen all day long today.  I made another loaf of bread, some of this fresh and yummy guacamole salsa (I'd say it's more of a salad dressing than a salsa, but I really like it), and got a big dinner ready for our dinner group.

Confession: We made a big roast for dinner group tonight.  Bryan's mom spent all last week talking into eating a whole foods, plant-based diet (which we're doing now), and then proceeded to send us home with all the things she doesn't eat anymore.  Haha.  One of the things she sent us home with was a huge roast, so we made that for dinner group tonight.  I threw in a bunch of little potatoes, some carrots, and some chopped onion.  Bry and I ate the veggies, but not the meat.  Though the roast turned out really amazing-looking and I admit I was tempted by it.  But we both held strong and stuck to our veggies.  Yeah, us.  And, uh, thanks for eating the meat that was pawned off on us and then on you guys, dinner group friends.  :)

For dinner group we served the roast and veggies, the fresh whole wheat bread I made earlier today, and some salad.  The salad consisted of spinach with toppings of chopped tomatoes, left over black bean and veggie salad, and guacamole salsa for dressing.  Yum, yum.  All you hardcore plant-eaters out there can boo us for eating the veggies cooked with meat.  But whatevs.

Mixed in with all that time in the kitchen, I also did a load of laundry in the washing machine and then hung it all up to dry outside, taught preschool this morning, went to the grocery store, played outside with Olivia, and went on a good walk.  Today has been really rewarding and fulfilling in a whole-living kind of way, but it's also worn me out!

Oh yeah, and the 2012 March Brown Bag is tomorrow.  Hahaha.  This is funny because I haven't done a single thing for it yet.  Usually on the day before Brown Bag I'm stressed and I've already turned the house upside down setting up for it.  Today?  Not stressed.  Even though I haven't done a single thing yet.  Oh, that's not true.  I did pick up a folding table from my neighbors... about an hour ago.

Luckily there are only 10-15 people coming this month, so it should be fairly low-key.  Hence my non-stressing.  Also, in the previous months I've made new decorations and really gone all-out making each one distinctly special.  (At least in my head that's true.)  But since we were out of town last week and things have been busy since we got back, I gave myself permission to just keep things really simple this month.  Good thing the decorations from last month are still up!  :)  I loved them so much that I left them up.  They may stay up until we move out.  We shall see.

Anyway, I have a handful of things I need to do tonight to get ready for Brown Bag tomorrow.  And one of those things is introducing you all to the 2012 March Brown Bag sponsors.  Woot woot!  All of these businesses are owned and operated by women I know personally who love what they do and do an excellent job at it.  Please take a minute to look through their shops and websites and show them some love!

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And, with that, I'm off to help get Olivia in bed and then get back to work!  Wish me luck!  :)

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