Monday, April 30, 2012

Lacey's Birthday Present

My good friend Lacey recently turned the big 2-5.  Hello quarter of a century!  She had a little girls-only shindig to let her husband off the hook.  Our husbands go to school together and the boys had a big test the next day, so it was pretty kind of her.  I'm all for the boys having tests if it gives us girls an excuse to get together and party.

My favorite part of Lacey's gift was the awesome wrapping job I did on it.  It was kind of the overgrown, ugly big sister of these fun little gift balls.  Only instead of bright, pretty, lightweight crepe paper I used thick brown packaging paper.  And mailing tape.  Bahaha.  It was so ugly and enormous, but so wonderful to behold.  Wish I would have snapped a picture of that beast.

But, anyway, inside were these little pretties.

I whipped up this quick, simple little pouch a couple hours before the party.  Pretty pink oilcloth scraps + one zipper = a pouch that is totally Lacey.  I told her it's for keeping spare change in so we'll have enough for the parking meters at the children's museum.  We'll see if that happens.

One of my favorite things about this pouch turned out to be the little zipper pull.  Zipper pulls are so under-appreciated.  They turn a zipper that sticks into a zipper that rocks.  I have got to remember to add them more often.

I also love the way the zipper pull takes this funky little pouch up about 10 notches on the "looks store-bought" scale.

And using oilcloth means... no need for lining!

Next up, a fun little flower identical to this one.  It's always great when I still have all the same materials on hand and don't have to make up a new color scheme for something.  Sometimes it's so refreshing to make the same project exactly the same way... even if it's a couple years later.

Although this one isn't exactly the same.  Instead of making it into a brooch, I hot-glued it onto a hair clip.  Lacey is classy and wears stuff like this in her hair all the time.  Which just makes her more classy.

And, last but not least, I tossed in a couple of my handmade buttons.  The white one is one of these and the purple ones are a special edition similar to these.

And of course I had to add a personal little birthday message to the back.

Lacey was a really good sport about unwrapping the behemoth ball of goodies, layer after layer of brown paper and packing tape.  Man, sometimes I am just too classy for my own good.  (Ha.)

Happy Birthday, Lacey!

(And please don't beat me up for putting this picture of you online.)


Lacey said...

I love how nice I am looking, but I won't beat you up, don't worry. And thanks for the gift, you know I loved the sweet packaging!

Kristie said...

Love her shirt. That is so cute.
And I totally agree about zipper pulls. They are amazing!