Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today I Am A Little Ball of Fire

This is what you have to know about me: I am not an instigator.  Not when it comes to fighting and causing contention.  But once I have been treated unjustly I will totally fight it to the death.


I love love love our apartment.  But I can't say the same for the management.  I don't want to say too much on here since this is a public blog, so I'll just say this: they don't stick to their posted office hours.  Like, at all.  You have to call in to make sure they're there before you can go to do piddly little things like, ya know, pay rent.  I'm pretty sure every single person who lives here has a beef with the management.  And most of it is over things like this that should be a non-issue.

A few months ago we had problems with not being able to pay rent on time because no one was in the office.  (Despite multiple attempts on our part including driving all the way over there and calling on multiple occasions.)  And you know what they did?  Got super rude and threatened us with a late fee.  This was over the phone.

End conversation.  Click.  I took a deep breath.  I called back and did my best to explain things from our point of view as calmly and politely as I could.  More rudeness on the other end.  More phone calls back.  Only to end in defeat.


Long story short, today was the last straw.  I called in to find out if they were in the office.  Three different times.  The first two times: no answer.  Third time: I call again only to find out that the lady in the office was leaving 30 minutes later.  (Which was, by the way, hours before "office hours" were supposed to end.)  I politely suggested a (really easy) possible solution to this problem.  The lady in the office got all kinds of rude.  I won't even tell you.  And then?  She hung up on me.

Really?  I pay you money.  Every single month.  You really just hung up on me?

Oh no you didn't.

I can't tell you how upset I felt.  Not crying upset.  Outrageous upset.  That is simply not how people behave.  Especially in business.

Moments after being hung up on I was pounding out a formal letter of complaint.  Details about the problem.  Details about the unfortunate and inappropriate way I was treated.  Details about my easy and very possible solution.

Then I typed up a petition for my neighbors to sign saying they want things to change like I had outlined in my letter.  I e-mailed the letter and the petition to several people in the complex.  Six have already signed.  More have said they want to.  Tomorrow I'll bring the petition to them to sign.

I feel so ridiculous about this whole thing.  Not ridiculous about taking action, but ridiculous about the fact that this is even a problem.  Really?  Seriously?

Well, hopefully not for long.  I'm submitting my letter and my signed petition to hopefully create some change for the better around here.  And if that doesn't work I'm submitting them to the Better Business Bureau.  So there.

You do not hang up on Katie Lewis.


Mackay said...
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Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Is it not an option to mail them a rent check? That's what we've always done except at our last house when we lived next door to the owners.

And...I'm so glad you've always given me the benefit of the doubt when a phone conversation has been disconnected...because I've never hung up on you, but there have been plenty of phone calls that were cut off for one reason or another.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...
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Lindsay said...

I think you rock. Apartment management, more often than not, NEEDS to stick to what they say. Well done!

Lisa Lou said...

ridiculous. seriously.

alee said...

Haha...without trying to sound like Mr. T, I seriously pity any fool who comes across Sugar Cookie!!! Good luck :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Good for you for using your words. Atta girl.

Sarah Stout said...

AMEN! One of my life's mottos is "The Squeaky Wheel Gets Greased." And, it works! Unless someone chooses to take action, then nothing will get done. You are awesome and I hope that the situation improves for you! :)

Kristie said...

I think when you want something to change, to continue until it gets changed. I want parents who park in front of my house illegally (so they can get to the school across the street) to pay attention. They park too close to the stop sign, and if people can't see the stop sign, they might run over someones kid. I just took some action last week, talking to the police, and to the principal. Now to get some change happening.
My point is, do it. Don't stop. And that is when change will happen. You go girl! :)

The Bold Abode said...

You Go Girl!!! Stand up fo' Yo'self!!!