Friday, May 4, 2012

New Chop

Those of you who have never met me in real life may not know this, but my hair is a beast.  It is straight.  It is curly.  It is thick thick thick.  And up until a couple of days ago, it reached halfway down my back.  Which means, in this humid heat we've been having, that having long, thick hair like this is hot.  Too hot to be comfortable.  Not to mention too heavy.  Yes, I really do get headaches from having my hair up in a ponytail--from the weight of my hair.

This hair of mine is a beast.  Too thick.  Too heavy.  Too long.  Too hot.  Boo-hoo.

A couple of nights ago it was humid and hot outside and my hair was driving me absolutely crazy.  I had a headache from my crazy-thick ponytail and I wanted nothing more than to grab a pair of scissors and chop it all off.  Ooh, that would feel so nice.

So, naturally, that's what I did.  Well, sort of.  I did maintain some degree of sanity and I had my friend come over and chop it off for me.  Her only experience as a hair stylist was from cutting her husband's and her 2 year-old son's hair, but she did a great job.  When I called and asked her if she'd do it she said, "Only if you won't hate me if I mess it up."  I told her that as long as there was less hair on my head when she was finished I'd be happy.

Well, she did a really great job.  It's so much shorter and so much more manageable now.  Hallelujah!  I've worn it up in ponytails or braids every day since it's been cut and I wear my hair up so often that very few people have even noticed that I chopped off over 6".  I don't mind.  I'm just happy it's not giving me headaches and heat strokes anymore.

So here's to making rash decisions that turn out really awesome.  Because this might just be my very favorite haircut ever.


Kristie said...

Very cute. Maybe add a few layers in the bottom 2 inches to remove some of the excess heaviness. Or have someone who knows how to use thinning shears do some thinning in the back. Yeah, I am a stylist. :)
Hope you love it this summer!

alee said...

I can't lie and say that I haven't been having the same thoughts recently. Since Leo's birth my hair has been absolutely untamable...straight, curly, long, and thicker than ever before in my whole life! Today we went to the baseball 98 degrees of pure humidity...and I was in jeans (because naturally I'm too chubby for any shorts I own and too poor to go buy new big ones). It was pretty much a terrible day and the thought of a big chop sounds SO nice right now! I am super jealous...and will hopefully be joining you soon- if I can just convince myself that my face won't look perfectly spherical! :) Enjoy the new 'do!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Looks we need to see a front view.

Jill Frank said...

I LOVE short hair! I chopped my thick long hair off years ago and now never go longer than mid neck. I avoid bangs, as they make my face look huge and round. Long live short hair! If you go to a stylist, they can thin your hair. It is GREAT! Try it. Enjoy your shorter hair.