Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PJ Shorts: Take 1

Guys, it is hot here.  Hot.  And the temperature in our house basically goes like this:

Basement: not so bad
Main Floor: warm, sometimes too warm
Upstairs: HOT

Unfortunately, we sleep upstairs.  Boo.  Sometimes Bryan and I talk about moving the beds downstairs for the summer.  In the first place, I don't think our queen size mattress would fit down our basement stairs and, in the second place, I wouldn't want to try.  And, in the third place, it would make our basement so cramped and crowded.  So we're toughing it out, no thanks to our AC running all day and night.  Hooray for summer.  Boo to hot weather.

Anyway, the reason I'm complaining about this bringing this up is because all this extra-warm weather has meant that Olivia needs some new jammies.  All she really had were fleece footie jammies (not okay in this weather) and some regular long PJ pants.  So some light, comfy PJ shorts were in order.  :)

I used the (free) Basic Kid Pants pattern from MADE as my base, but instead of making them long I folded the pattern up so they'd be shorts length.  Haha.  Except, obviously, I didn't make them quite short enough.  Whoops!

So they ended up being more like light, comfy, wide-leg capris instead.  Oh well.  They're still cute on her and they're still a lot better than the long pants she had been wearing to bed.  Now I just need to make more!  (And hopefully I'll get the length right next time.)


Kathy Haynie said...

They look comfy cozy! I'll bet she had sweet dreams in them.

EMMA said...

I wish I could sew!! these look lovely, but way way to complicated!! (It's not really my fault! it's my sewing machine - it doesn't like me at all, and takes great pleasure in messing up every thing I try to make!!)