Sunday, May 13, 2012


For Mother's Day Bryan and Olivia surprised me with this sweet new popcorn popper.  I've been wanting one for the past month or so, so it was an excellent surprise.  And hooray for yummy, healthy snacks!

Olivia (who was clueless about the gift she was giving me until I opened the box) and I were pretty stoked.

Thanks Bry and Lala!

I thought we'd wait and enjoy some popcorn after dinner, but Olivia wanted to try it RIGHT THEN.  So we did.

She was super fascinated by it.  First we added the kernels.

Then it started popping inside.

And out popped the popcorn!

And more!

And more!

Until the big bowl was full of freshly popped popcorn.  It blows my mind that all this popcorn came from a tiny cup of kernels.

Somebody couldn't wait to try some.


Growing up we always had popcorn with melted butter and a little salt, but, in the name of being healthy (and a lot less messy) we just ate our popcorn plain.  Mmm, still so good.  And so guilt-free!

Olivia and I enjoyed the magic of the popcorn popper while Bry made us some killer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  Of course, once there was popcorn Olivia didn't want to eat anything else but popcorn.  Not that I can really blame her.  We ate that whole bowl up and then she wanted more more more.  Maybe another time, kiddo.

The other great gift that Bryan gave me for Mother's Day (at my request) was an entire day without having to change a diaper, help Olivia go potty, or deal with any other such little things that I get tired of doing day after day after day.  So Mother's Day was an entire day free of washing dishes, putting Olivia's shoes on, changing her diapers, taking her to the bathroom, and all the other little things that are nice to have a little break from.  Hooray for Bryan for making Mother's Day wonderful and relaxing.  He deserves a break too.  Good thing Father's Day is coming up next month!


Bryan Lewis said...

In the second picture it looks like you want to eat the popper, and Olivia is shocked.

Kathy Haynie said...

What a wonderful gift! Happy Mother's day to everyone in your family. Bryan...what a dad...awesome.

alison said...

woohoooo! popcorn is the best as long as the kernels don't get stuck in your teeth!