Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Wardrobe To-Dos

Are anyone else's kids growing like weeds?  Because this one sure is.  Her waist hasn't gotten any wider, but, man, this girl is getting taller and taller all the time.  As a result, she still fits into her clothes from last summer (Who saw that one coming?  Not me.), but they're all too short!  Who wears short shorts?  And short shirts?  Olivia!

Yes, it's time for an update in this little girl's wardrobe.  I'm so focused on sewing projects for the book that I haven't been doing much Lala sewing lately, but I really need to.  Here's whats on my mental to-do list (for both Olivia and me) for the summer wardrobe situation around here...

For Olivia:
-a few pairs of pajama shorts (basically just these, but shorter)
-lots and lots of flashback tees
-maybe another swimsuit (If so I'll probably follow this and/or this and/or this to make it happen.)
-more undies

For Me:
-linen (realistically, probably linen-like) shorts and/or capris
-pajama shorts (something like these)
-light, breezy shirts (Maybe like this one?  I bought that pattern but haven't opened it yet.)

(So far Bryan hasn't put in any requests.)  :)

The summers here (which seem to have already started) are so humid that my regular t-shirts just seem to cling too much.  It's really sweaty and gross and uncomfortable.  And even though I'm loving our whole foods, plant-based diet, I haven't yet miraculously lost a lot of weight.  Though I did buy a jogging stroller (for only $25!) at a garage sale yesterday and I have plans to put it to good use.  (That is, if I can manage to get up and get going before the morning humidity sets in.  Hmm...)

Anyway, I'm totally hoping my clothes will be a little looser-fitting soon, but since they're not yet, I've decided it's time for a bit of light and breezy sewing.  I'm all for modesty, but that doesn't have to mean a million layers.  I want to wear less of the extra tanks and tees and just get covered up nicely with one shirt.  Is that too much to ask?  Probably.  But that's what I want anyway.

Anyone else thinking about sewing up the gaps in their summer wardrobe?


alee said...

Our second-hand stroller has been the absolute best investment...and it was only $35! I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of yours :)

Good luck on your sewing!

Kristie said...

I am so with you on wearing less shirts, but still looking modest. I love all the v neck, dolman style shirts, I just need to insert a modesty panel so I can wear them and not die of the heat this summer! I can't wait to see what you do!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Man I am behind on your blog. :) I am definitely going to need to update my Katie's wardrobe. First thing on the list is taking her leggings that mostly have holes in the knee (seriously...she is SO hard on clothes) and cut them off into knit shorts to wear under skirts and dresses.

Kathy Haynie said...

No summer here (in Oregon) yet! Although today it's finally forecast to get up to 80º. That will be SOOOO nice if it happens. It's been a record-setting cold wet spring. Ugh.