Monday, June 11, 2012

On Saturday

We got all packed up.

I brought some treats.

Olivia pulled her little suitcase.

We paid way too much for airport food.

But enjoyed every bite.

Ran around the airport and played on some empty chairs.

Watched the plane roll in.

Waited for the other passengers to get off.

Played on the "alligator" (escalator) over and over and over again.

Bursted with excitement as we looked out the window.

Watched Cars with headphones on.

Picked our noses.

Cuddled these sweet, soft toes.

Admired the view.

Let Olivia take a picture on the camera.

Got tired of the headphones and watched it with subtitles.*

Admired the view some more.

Ordered cranberry juice.**

Snuggled this sweet girl on my lap.

And rode the plane all the way to someplace far away.

Unfortunately Bryan starts work this week, so he had to stay home and hold down the fort.  So it's just Olivia and me out on a little adventure this week.  We already miss Bryan like crazy, but we're having fun too.

Any guesses where we are?

*Obviously Olivia doesn't care about the subtitles, but it makes it a lot less boring for me.  We both already have that whole movie memorized, but still.

**Bryan ordered cranberry juice on the first flight we took together and I've ordered it on airplanes ever since.  :)


Bryan Lewis said...

Cranberry ginger ale is also delicious, if they have it. Hope you guys a lots of fun!

Alison said...


mjb said...

Utah??? Have fun wherever you are going!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Well, it's really not fair for me to guess...since I already know. ;) Hope you're having a blast.

Dorothy said...

What Polly said. :)

Kristie said...

Apple juice and grape juice mixed equally, taste delicious!
Have fun on your trip.

kate said...

cranberry juice is my favorite airplane drink too! good choice

Alison said...

So where are you??? The suspense is killing me. ;)