Monday, July 9, 2012

On My Mind & My Big Five

pretty rocks at the corner of the raised garden bed at my parents' house

Over the years, I've realized that I blog less when I have a lot on my mind.  And lately I have had a lot on my mind.  Everything from today's to-do lists and how much confidence I currently have about writing my book to if and when we'll have more children and where we'll live when Bryan graduates in just a few short years.  It's not that I feel worried (or even upset).  It's just a lot to think about.

Still, I'm excited to get back into my regular groove with sewing and blogging and all that jazz.  I've got a quick and easy (and really cute) little tutorial in the works that will hopefully be up and ready sometime this week.  I've just got to stop doodling all over it and actually sit down to take pictures.

So as much as I hate it when bloggers say, "I have a lot I'm working on and I'll show it to you soon, but not yet," well, that's kind of where I'm at right now.  So I hope you'll forgive me and still be friends anyway.  In the mean time I'll try not to keep writing too many posts on pregnancy (or the lack thereof) and random travels.  We really are home now (really) and I have every intention of trying to actually get things done during the day again.

Want proof?  You know I'm really into goals, right?  So yesterday I sat down and decided on My Big Five.  (Okay, so I just made that up.)  It's the five things I definitely want to get done every day.  And, coincidentally, five things that make me really happy and proud of myself when I do them every day.

My Big Five

  1. Study my scriptures every day.
  2. Do preschool time with Olivia every day.
  3. Exercise every day.
  4. Work on my book every (week) day.
  5. Do some cleaning every day.

So far today I've only exercised and done preschool time with Olivia.  But, hey, it's only 1:00!  So I'm still feelin' pretty good.  I even snuck (let's all just agree that's a real word) in some time to read a little HP7.  I love me a good bit of Ron and Hermione romance.  Haha.  They crack me up.  Anyway...

Thanks for sticking with me during all the craziness the past couple of months.  Stick around some more and I just might have something to show for it.  And until then, happy Monday!

P.S. This is totally unrelated, but my long-time blogging friend Abby of Sew Much Ado sewed up an eye mask from my tutorial and it turned out really adorable.  Love those little mushrooms.  Finding that post in my blog roll totally made my day.  :)  Anyway, you should go check it out.  The end.  (And thanks Abby!)


Bryan Lewis said...

I can't believe you ended up cleaning THE ENTIRE HOUSE. I was so impressed! I'm glad that completing your goals makes you so happy and awesome. The only goal I completed was this one:

1. Be married to somebody awesome. CHECK!

Elizabeth said...

I so need to do a big 5! We just got back from vacation too, and I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING since we got back! Can't wait to see the cute project you have in the works!

Kathy Haynie said...

Good goals. And my garden looks so amazing in your camera!