Friday, July 6, 2012

An update in 8 minutes or less

Make that 7 minutes or less.  We're in a babysitting group and, sadly, it's our turn to do our duty and watch a bajillion kids while everyone else goes on dates.  Thank goodness for every other weekend in the month when it's our turn to par-tay.  Anyway, they'll be here soon, so I've only got a few minutes, but after all the craziness of the past month, I wanted to give you all a (really quick, apparently) update.  Here we go...

  • We're back from our travels and still alive!
  • Our apartment is kind of clean.
  • I re-set up the whole preschool area for Olivia yesterday and I'm planning to get going for real again with her preschool stuff on Monday.
  • I actually got a shower this morning.
  • It is ridiculously hot here and I am officially tired of it.  Summer, summer, go away.  Come again some other day.  We don't want you anyway.  Where's fall?
  • We watched Juno last night and I think I liked it in spite of myself.
  • Bryan and I have super nice parents to put us up and let us mooch off of them visit for the past three weeks.
  • My sweet shades are still fully intact and functional, despite me accidentally leaving them right where the trunk slams down on the car.  I think it's the lightning bolts on the side.  They probably have super powers.
  • I read HP 6 in a week (which is, by the way, incredible for a slow reader like me) and I'm already into HP 7.  I've listened to them all before and seen all the movies several times, but there's something about actually sitting down with the books.  I kind of love it.  I'm a little sad it'll all be over in a few hundred pages.  Also, I'm remembering how good it is to read good writing when you're working on writing of your own.
  • Sorry to all you fans out there, but Bryan and I never did make it past the first CD of the Twilight book.  Hahaha.  I won't offend you with my list of reasons why.

Annnd, time's up!


Kristie said...

Love the Twilight comment. It seems like everyone says you HAVE to read those books. And I have no interest. So your comment makes me chuckle. Have a great day!

Alison said...

I liked the first Twilight, even though it was very cliche. After that I could care less. Although, I did read them all.