Friday, August 10, 2012

Little Blue Shirt (& the happy power of cookies)

Photo tip: Kid won't smile?  Give 'em a cookie.  :)

Last night I made this sweet, comfy little blue shirt for Olivia.  It's made from the Leila & Ben Sweet Little Dress Pattern (size 3T).

Here's where I varied from the pattern:

  • I shortened the length so it would be shirt length
  • I cut the pieces from a soft old men's t-shirt
  • I used the existing hem from the t-shirt
  • I left the elastic off the bottom of the sleeves and just left the sleeve edges raw
  • I sewed the entire casing for the elastic at once (i.e. I didn't leave a hole open for adding the elastic.)
  • I snipped two little holes into the front center of the casing and inserted some t-shirt yarn for a drawstring

I love the way this pattern works as it's written (and it's written for regular woven fabric, not knit), but I think this knit version is my favorite shirt I've made with this pattern by far.  Usually I guess way wrong on the elastic around the sleeves and they end up being too tight around her sweet little arms.  And the elastic around the neck is cute, but it's just plain so much easier to sew the casing all at once and add the drawstring afterward.

Anyway, I'm super duper happy with how this little shirt turned out.  It's cute on, super comfy, and so easy to make!  Win-win-win.  :)


kendra @ little almanac said...

very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute shirt! And your daughter is super adorable too.

Emily said...

So sweet! I love the shirt and the cute little one in the shirt and the beautiful, wonderful lady taking the photos! :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Looks like a great pattern - easy, cute, and fits so comfy. I'll bet it makes a darling cotton dress, too. Very clever of you to get a soft tee shirt from an old man. :)

rachkatt said...

So cute! Love! hehe, I also like reading it as "old man" t-shirt. :)