Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things in my life that are currently conspiring against me:

Things in my life that are currently conspiring against me:

  • Our computer -- Every electronic device in our house that picks up wireless internet is working just fine.  The modem is working just fine.  Our big nice computer that I do all my work on?  It's been on strike since Friday night.  It WILL NOT connect to the internet.  It knows it can, it just won't.  My best friend's husband who is our favorite computer genius to call and pester with all our dumb computer questions spent at least an hour and a half on the phone with us in the past two days trying everything he can to help us fix it.  And still the computer remains on strike.  Tomorrow we're calling Dell.  May they have a magical answer that will be easy and not cost us buckets of sweet moolah.  In the mean time I'm having to use my baby laptop.  Ordinarily it gets neglected until we go on a trip or something and want to have a portable computer with us.  It's convenient for that.  Not really for much of anything else.
  • Olivia's birthday party -- I planned her party weeks ago.  Date, time, location.  Handed out invitations.  Done and done.  Then today in church they announced that there's going to be a church activity on the exact same day at the exact same place and at the exact same time as Olivia's birthday party.  Booo.  I'm not gonna lie.  I was (am?) pretty miffed.  Weeks!  Weeks I've had this party planned!  And we didn't even find out about the church activity when they announced it at church because we were a few minutes late and the announcement didn't even make it to primary (where we teach every Sunday), so we had to hear the news second hand from a bunch of other people.  Double boo.  I have already had words with some people about the lack of communication.  Although it did make me feel better when we went outside this evening and saw several of the other families out and every single one of them commented on how surprised they were (and how disappointed they were for my sake) that we were just now hearing about the church activity and that the party planning gods were against me.  Even the dads were aware of how lame the coincidence was when they heard the date and time.  Even the dads!  Anyway, I moved the party up a couple of hours.  But I might have been upset about it for a while before I did.
  • The dishes -- ALWAYS.  The dishes are always conspiring against me.  They get together and reproduce when I'm not looking.  Only the dirty ones.  (Oh the irony.)  Luckily Bryan is my secret hero and does the dishes on a fairly regular basis without complaining or making me feel like a bad housewife.  (Thanks Bry.)

Sometimes Bryan doesn't take me seriously when I tell him that a lot of things in my life don't work out just because it's me.  For other people things work out.  For me?  No.  I feel like Brian Regan calling to set up his electricity or whatever it was.  "You need something done?  Yeah, that's gonna be a problem."  Soooo the story of my life right now.

Sometimes the world conspires against me.  I mean, seriously.  Does that ever happen to you?  Or is it just me?  Because it sure feels like it's just me.


Kathy Haynie said...

That is a gorgeous flower photo. Did you take it with the camera or the iPad?

Karen Sue said...

my desktop is far from the router. I get interference from a lot of things. PS3 shuts me down. The microwave used to. My husband's office chair being in front of the router blocks the signal to me. I even think the neighbors have some secret signal that does it! I was home all alone one day and nothing had changed and suddenly I could not get a signal.

Emily said...

Ooooh! That is beyond frustrating! I'm so sorry! I sure hope the world is on your side again soon!