Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of (Real) Preschool!

Olivia started (real) preschool today!  We've been doing at-home preschool for the past year or so, but today she got to go to preschool all by herself.  Big day!

I asked Olivia's teacher ahead of time if it would be okay if she brought a stuffed animal in her backpack in case she got sad after I left.  In the past, drop offs have not been Olivia's strong point, so I wanted to do anything and everything I could to help things go as smoothly as possible.  Both for Olivia's sake and for her teacher's sake.  :)

So last night before I crawled in bed I made a quick little collar for Kitty.  Basically I just wrote Olivia's first and last name on some twill tape with a permanent marker and stitched an X through both ends to keep it on.  Three cheers for crafting after midnight and doing what's easiest so you can just get it done.

Luckily, I don't think Olivia ever even saw her kitty at preschool.  It was tucked away in her backpack the whole time, but both she and her teacher told me she was happy and had a blast all day.

FREEDOM!  3 1/2 hours without a kid?  To do whatever I want?  Sa-wheeeeet!

Side note: Neither of us cried when I dropped her off.  Win and win.  Even though I maybe a little bit almost did.  But I didn't.

I planned ahead and brought the baby laptop and my top secret notebook full of all of the sketches and projects for my book.  After I dropped off Olivia I headed to the swanky grocery store that has yummy pastries and free wi-fi.  I sat and plunked away, working on my book, for a good two hours.  It felt so good to finally be making progress on it again!  And to actually get something done!

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting all settled in (and plugged in) before I made a trip to the bathroom.  After two hours I could no longer hold it, so I decided it was probably a good quitting time.  I made the necessary trip to the bathroom and then did a bit of grocery shopping so I'll be ready for dinner group tomorrow.  After that I headed home, cleaned up a little, called my sister-in-law to brag about being kid-free, and then headed back over to pick up Olivia.

After teaching preschool, I had a pretty realistic view of how the day probably went for her.  At least emotionally.  I figured either she started crying after I left and had her sad moments off and on throughout the day or she was oblivious to the fact that I was gone and loved every minute of it.

Hmmm... which was it?

Definitely loved every minute of it!

When I picked her up she was chilling out reading a book with one of the teachers.  Sometimes when we drop her off with a babysitter she'll be fine the whole time and then burst into tears when she sees us, like she's been bottling up her emotions and can finally let them all out.

Today?  Nada.  The teacher had to point out the fact that I had showed up.  And then Olivia just hopped down from the bench they were sitting on and said something along the lines of, "I had so much fun today!"  Haha.  Awesome.  Then I guess I don't have to feel bad about the fact that I did too!

I asked her teacher before we left how Olivia did and if she cried at all.  Her teacher said she was happy all day!  But tomorrow I'm going to make sure and ask her teacher what they actually did all day.  Because as soon as we walked out of the classroom together I asked Olivia and you know what she said?


Haha.  Here's to living the life of luxury at such a young age.  (Me, I mean, getting to have a kid in school and get so much independent time to myself.)  And here's to a lifetime of being that nagging mom that's always asking, "So, what did you do at school today?"

I think it's gonna be great.


Amanda said...

Yay for a great first day for both of you!! :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Hooray for Olivia! Love the kitty collar, and that you had a plan for your time while she was in school. Such a smart mama.

Heaths said...

That's so exciting! I'm so glad she loved it and that she did so well. I bet she's going to thrive. Yay Olivia!

(And you're writing a book!! I am In awe of anyone writing a book. I love to read and write....I'm hoping I can come up with a concept so that I can at least have the fun of "working on a book", even if it never gets published. Good luck and congratulations on preschool and more free time!)

Richard Condie said...

Oh I love this post! I'm SO glad that Olivia's first day went well and that there were no tears! And that you got to enjoy a few hours working on your book! And that she loved school! I hope the rest of the year is just as wonderful! :)

Richard Condie said...

Oh uh, sorry. That was me, Emily. :) P.S. Olivia is probably the cutest preschooler EVER.

Brendan and Megan said...

Ok you win for being the best mom! Making a collar for kitty that is that cute the night before? Color me impressed!

alee said...

Woohoo! Go Olivia! :) Enjoy your sweet "me" time!

Brittany said...

So great to hear about Olivia's first day of school. Yea for happy days!! I blogged about my twins first day of Pre-K here. They are loving it too.