Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Floral Sweatshirt

Boo! Did we scare you? Probably not in this sweet sweatshirt! For day 4 of the KCWC I refashioned an old favorite sweatshirt of mine to fit Olivia. (I already wrote about this a little HERE.) She wore it with her fun new jeggings and a bright pink t-shirt. Always a good choice. Olivia and I are both majorly in love with her "new" favorite sweatshirt.

Made from: an old sweatshirt of mine
Pattern: sort of followed the Recycled T-shirt Hoodie Pattern from Lil Blue Boo

Ugh. Mom is still trying to take pictures of me. My life is so hard.

Well, Olivia's life of modeling may be hard, but putting this little sweatshirt together was not! I just followed the directions in the pattern (link above) except for a few things.

In order to use the existing hood (that already had ribbing on it) I just cut out the entire adult-size hood, gathered it along the bottom, and sewed it on like that. I was afraid it was going to look gargantuan on her, but it doesn't. And the little gathers in the back of the hood turned out to be one of my favorite details. Hurrah!

I also just cut two halves of the front (since the zipper was already in place in the original hoodie) and sewed it together like that. Luckily those sweet pockets were also already sewn on. Sometimes re-making old pieces of clothing is easier than creating new ones from scratch!

All in all, this hoodie was a breeze to make and such a fun new wardrobe piece for Olivia. And just in time too! The fall weather is officially here and her other zip-up sweatshirts are way too short. Hooray for KCWC!

P.S. In honor of KCWC, the Undies Pattern is half off! Snatch it up while it's good and cheap! :)


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Love it even more with the good pics. I wish we lived close enough for Olivia and Becca to play. They could dance around in their mommy-made clothes together.

Kathy Haynie said...

So cute! With the jeggings and the new longer sweatshirt, she looks long and lean. Thanks for showing us the detail stitching and gathers at the hood. It looks great!

Kendra said...

so adorable! I LOVE the print. You are so talented :)