Sunday, October 21, 2012

Free Printable LDS Scripture Mastery & Articles of Faith

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a local LDS women's conference. The first class I attended was about learning how to study the scriptures more meaningfully and effectively. One of the things the teacher suggested was to take time each day to work on memorizing a passage of scripture.

This suggestion really hit home with me because, over the years, I have gained a personal testimony of the power of memorized scriptures. In my moments of greatest need, it is always the scriptures that I have memorized that come to mind first. These scriptures have been a continual source of comfort and strength for me throughout my life. I cherish them and think on them often.

As I sat in the class yesterday I thought of how I might incorporate some scripture memorization into my daily life and the first idea that came to mind was to learn the scripture mastery scriptures with Olivia during our daily preschool time.

What is scripture mastery?
Scripture mastery scriptures are the scriptures that LDS teenagers are encouraged to memorize while they attend seminary. These scriptures focus on basic doctrine and empower those who learn them with wisdom and strength. There are 25 scripture mastery scriptures for each book of scripture. (How many times can I say the word "scripture" in one sentence?) You can find the lists for each book of scripture on the LDS seminary website here:

Ever since Olivia surprised me by learning the Pledge of Allegiance so quickly, I've been meaning to start memorizing scriptures with her, too. Part of the reason it's taken me so long to start is because I wanted to be able to hang up a nice, basic print out of each scripture so we can reference it as we memorize it.

Unfortunately, when I searched online I didn't find what I wanted. The Church has free printable seminary Scripture Mastery cards (the same ones we all used in seminary growing up--find them in the links above), but these are small and I wanted something that would be a full page so it would be easy for Olivia and myself to read during our preschool time.

So, I did what I do when the going gets tough (i.e. the free printables in exactly the format I want are hard to come by) and I created my own. And, lucky you, now I'm sharing all of my hours of hard work with you! Aren't you glad? Well, you should be. Because, while it may just seem like a lot of easy copying and pasting, it was kind of a pain and took me several hours. So there.

The Articles of Faith
I've also created a set of printables of the Articles of Faith. The Articles of Faith are a set of articles that Joseph Smith wrote to a newspaper in response to the newspaper's questions about what Mormons believe. If you are not a member of the LDS church, these will give you a good, basic understanding of what we, as Mormons, believe. And, as members of the LDS church, we are encouraged to learn them as primary children (and grown-ups) so we'll be better prepared to answer the questions of friends and neighbors when they ask us what we believe.

Short scriptures to use with young children
Oh! And I almost forgot! After I created all of the printables I went back and compiled a separate file with all of the scripture mastery scriptures that are short enough for a young child to memorize, so there is a file at the end with all of the short scriptures in it. So if you're looking to include some scripture memorization in your at-home preschool time or family scripture study with young kids, this will be a great place to start.

Using these printables
For all of these printables, each scripture or article of faith is on a separate page. I kept the formatting very basic so these could be put to good use at home, in seminary classrooms, and for other church educational purposes. Please print as many as you like, but do not sell them or use them commercially.

Note: The screen shots of the printables here in this post all contain my website, but none of the actual printables have my website on them. It just didn't seem appropriate since they're scripture and, therefore, are the Lord's words, not mine. However, these printables did take a lot of time and work to create, so, if you'd like to share them with others, please link to this post and not to the PDFs directly. Thank you!

Find all of the links to the free printables below! Enjoy!

Old Testament Scripture Mastery

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the scripture mastery scriptures for the Old Testament.

New Testament Scripture Mastery

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the scripture mastery scriptures for the New Testament.

Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the scripture mastery scriptures for the Book of Mormon.

Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Mastery

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the scripture mastery scriptures for the Doctrine & Covenants.

The Articles of Faith

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the scripture mastery scriptures for the Articles of Faith.

Short Scripture Mastery Scriptures (Great for young children!)

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the scripture mastery scriptures for the short scripture mastery scriptures.


Kathy Haynie said...

Awesome, Katie! I am suddenly thinking about a goal to memorize a scripture every week. Thank you for this resource.

Julie Rosenhan said...

Wow! Katie, you're amazing! This is great, and I loe the idea of having little kids memorize scriptures. It gives a good foundation. Thanks for sharing.

Kristie said...

Wow, thank you! This is awesome. And this will be something I can do with my girls! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for you sharing.

The Murphys said...

I am confused. Where/what is Moses and D&C?? Otherwise these seem like a great tool. But just not sure where to look for the other scripture references.

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I just printed off each article of faith on a different color of cardstock and now I'm going to laminate them. This will help so much in learning them in family home evening.

Charity said...

This is exactly what I needed! Thank-you for saving me all that time!! I was a little confused though because under each "preview square" you say click above for old testament even when what is above is not old testament. You might want to change that. :) This is great though. I was sure I wouldn't be able to find something like this.

Katie Lewis said...

Thanks for catching my typo Charity! It's fixed now. :)