Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Honeycomb Flashback (with honeycomb tutorial & free printable pattern)

Woot woot! Another round of evening/late night sewing last night resulted in this super fun little honeycomb shirt to add to my KCWC accomplishments for day 2. It's made from an old white women's shirt (the shirt was old and white, not the woman) and a handful of scrap fabrics from my stash.

We paired it with the jeggings I made for her yesterday. So fun!

I used Rae's Flashback Tee pattern (again) and loved it (again.) This is a size 3T that I made slightly skinnier and a few inches longer. Olivia is long and lean for sure.

This time I followed her directions for doing the little puffed sleeve and, I must say, I'm in love. It's an alteration that is easy, quick, and adds just the right amount of dainty femininity to these wonderfully basic tees.

I admit, I could have sewn in the gathers on these sleeves more carefully, but, well, I didn't. And I don't really care. They look cute and unless my Intermediate Sewing professor from college is going to look at them, no one will ever know.

This little tee was really fun to put together and, even though the details are what make this shirt stand out, the process was super easy. You know I'm all about the easy.

In the midst of my late night mad sewing dash I stopped to take a few pictures of the process so you can make your own if you like! Find the step-by-step and more fun/crazy photos of Olivia after the jump!

I'm back at it with the fake washi tape again. Because none of the real stuff has magically appeared in my house yet. Thank you, masking tape and red Sharpie, for being a nice little stand-in.

Basically, the only details on this shirt that aren't covered in the Flashback Tee pattern and Rae's puffed sleeve tutorial are the little gray tags and all the sweet little honeycombs. Let's start with the honeycombs!

Honeycomb How-To (& free printable pattern)

Step 1: Print pattern. Click HERE to print the honeycomb pattern. 
Please color on the rest of the paper or something. It feels like such a waste to print off a whole piece of paper for just one little honeycomb.

Step 2: Use honeycomb pattern as a guide to cut honeycombs from fabric.
I just used regular quilting weight cotton for all of my honeycombs. A big thanks to Jess who sent me a bunch of her fun scraps a while back! Most of the honeycombs came from her. :) Blog friends are so fun!

Step 3: Fuse the back of each honeycomb to the shiny (non-paper) side of Heat & Bond.
You can either do this by cutting out a slightly smaller honeycomb of Heat & Bond for each fabric honeycomb and ironing them together one at a time OR you can arrange the fabric honeycombs on a piece of Heat & Bond, cover them with a piece of scrap fabric that covers the entire piece of Heat & Bond, and then iron them all at once.

If you do the latter, once the Heat & Bond is fused to the fabric you'll be able to peel off the paper backing all at once. However, you'll still need to cut away the extra Heat & Bond around each fabric honeycomb. I did it both ways and I don't know that I really have a preference.

Step 4: Fuse the honeycombs to the t-shirt front.
Peel the paper backing off of each honeycomb, arrange them however you want on your shirt, and use the iron again to fuse the honeycombs to the shirt.

To make things easier on myself, I arranged the honeycombs in a little pattern beforehand, took a picture of the pattern, and then used that picture as my guide when it was time to fuse the honeycombs to the shirt.

Step 5: Sew honeycombs to shirt.
Using an 1/8" seam allowance and a regular straight stitch, sew each honeycomb to the shirt. You won't need to pin them in place because the Heat & Bond keeps them in place.

To save on thread and extra clipping along the way, I just sewed from one honeycomb to the next until they were all sewn onto the shirt front. If you do this, just be sure to backstitch as you stop and start on each honeycomb and then, of course, go back and clip all those little threads when you're done.

That's it! Easy, right?

I also added a few honeycombs to the back of the shirt (before sewing the shirt front to the shirt back). These were for both form and function. This little hole was in the shirt when I grabbed it off the shelf, so I covered it up with a little honeycomb.

Now there's a bit of fun detail on the back of the shirt and this particular honeycomb also acts as a little patch to cover up that pesky hole.

The lime green honeycomb near the other shoulder is covering up a small stain. Win-win!

So that's the run-down on the honeycombs!

As for the gray side tag, I just cut a small scrap of gray knit (it came from another old t-shirt), folded it in half, and stuffed it into the seam before sewing up the side seam. It doesn't really serve any purpose. You know, I mean other than being cute.

The little gray tag at the back of the neck is also a scrap of gray knit. It's just a little rectangle that I sewed onto the back of the finished shirt. It would be a little more functional if I actually wrote the size on it, but I didn't bother yet. For now, it's just a fun little detail and a cue to Olivia that that's the back of the shirt, since, for better or worse, she's starting to get herself dressed these days.

Olivia and I are both really digging her sweet new threads.

And all the fun German candy that Nana and Papa G sent over from their recent trip.

Thanks Nana and Papa!

Sugar high!

Peace out!


Rae said...

oh too cute!! i am ALWAYS a sucker for honeycombs.

Love it!


Amanda said...

#1 Olivia is adorable - especially in all these clothes you are making!
#2 I love this so much!!
#3 I'm going to pick through my scraps right NOW and hope that nap time lasts long enough for me to put some cute little honeycombs on one of my daughter's shirts that has a stubborn little stain on it! Yay! :)

Sarah said...

I totally had a flashback just now - do you remember when you sewed Spencer that incredible shirt?! Talk about amazing!

Lisa Lou said...

Olivia looks like a cool hipster skater kid. Which means you must be a cool hipster skater mama. Too cool for school!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

loving the appliques!

Whitney said...

I LOVE this! I fear it would be to girly for Mason and too childish for me, but I want to make one dang it! I shall make one for Evelyn perhaps. Super cute.

Kathy Haynie said...

Totally big girl clothes. Are her feet really that big? Man, she is going to be tall. Darling shirt--honeycombs, sleeves, tags... I want one for me. :)