Monday, October 1, 2012

My book! (a non-exciting clarification and update)

I know, excellent title, right? But I hate when bloggers lure you in with deceiving titles and then totally disappoint with some lame giveaway or minor update. Not that I'm entirely above such things, but it just felt unnecessary with an update as minor as this. So now I guess you all know how much I love and respect you. Don't you feel loved and respected? Anyway...

Back in May I confided to all you wonderful friends that I've been working on a book. Hooray! Since then I've written several posts about what the process has been like for me. I mentioned my book in a post I wrote the other day and someone left a sweet comment asking for more information about it, so I wanted to update you all/clarify a few things about my book.

Why I don't have a publisher yet
First off, just to clarify, I've mentioned several times that I don't have a publisher yet. This isn't because I've tried and failed, but because I am not ready to submit book proposals yet. I've done a small amount of research on several publishers' websites and several months ago I made the decision to get all of the project development and writing done on my book before I go looking for a publisher.

I don't know if this is the way things are usually done or not, but since I have a 3 year old and a husband in grad school and sometimes the things at the top of my list of personal priorities tend to get bumped down a rung or two so things like dinner and trips to the park can happen, I decided I'd do as much of the non-publishing-related work I can do done before I embark on the next part of this adventure. Getting set back on my own personal timeline for when I hope to finish this book is much less stressful (and more cost-effective) than running the risk of missing a deadline for a publisher. Right now my plan is to get a cohesive rough draft of the book compiled by the end of the year and then move forward with streamlining, fine tuning, and compiling the book. Once I finish that and feel ready, I'll submit my work to publishers. (And then the real editing will begin!)

Where can you read more about this crazy book-writing process of mine?
So many of you have been interested not only in the actual book I'm writing (thanks!), but the writing process itself, that I went ahead and compiled a list (in chronological order) of all of the posts I've written about working on my book. You can now find that list in the my book! page here on my blog. (You can also find this page by clicking on the "my book!" tab anytime.) I'll continue to add book-related posts as I write them, so you can always check there if you're curious about where I'm at in the process.

I could never claim to be any kind of expert on writing and publishing books, but I know that hearing how others work through this process has been helpful to me, so hopefully hearing about my own experiences here will be insightful for some of you out there too. If you ever have questions, please feel free to ask. I may not know the answers, but I'm happy to help you out if I can!

Happy reading! Or, ya know, writing. Whichever.

P.S. This is completely unrelated, but my tabs are being rude and several of them that are directly linked to other sites (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) are not working. It's late for me here and I'll try and fix it tomorrow. In the mean time, please accept my apologies. I'll get it taken care of as soon as I can.


Bryan Lewis said...

I feel so loved and respected. And I also feel so cool by association. I love you!

Emily said...

I think you're an expert! :) Yay for your book! Love!