Monday, October 1, 2012

Temp Tabs

Just wanted to pop in for a minute to let you know that (I think) I've fixed the tabs at the top of my blog. I have no idea what happened, but last night when I added the "my book!" tab I realized that all of the tabs with direct links to other sites were broken. Boo. No idea what happened there. My apologies if you were trying to get to those things and couldn't find the links. That's really frustrating and I have no idea how long the links were broken. Double boo.

Anyway, I've switched them so that they all go to pages here on my blog and then shoot you off to another website. Hopefully that will solve the problem for now. In my head, this is just a temporary fix. Someday I hope to update them more adequately, but for now they are done and that is going to have to be good enough today (and maybe for the next little while).

Alright, I'm off to try and figure out how to effectively parent a certain child who is going through a phase where she will not apologize without Daddy making her. I am drained in every possible way right now. And so is somebody else who fell asleep mid-tantrum. Anyway, she's up now, so I'm off for more of that joy. Wish me luck.

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