Thursday, October 11, 2012

Undies Pattern!

A little while back I released a new Undies Pattern. It's, ya know, a pattern for making undies! It's for sizes 12/18 months-size 6.

In honor of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, I've temporarily discounted the Undies Pattern to half price! (No coupon code necessary!)  Hooray! Head on over to THE SHOP to snatch up a pattern for yourself and get sewing! They're so fast and easy to make, you've still got plenty of time to sew up a storm before the end of the week. A storm of undies, that is!

I have three favorite things about this pattern (as opposed to regular store-bought undies).

1. You can make them from old, super-soft t-shirts!

2. They're really easy to sew!

3. You can make them in the smaller sizes to fit tiny kiddos who are already ready for potty training!

You'll be sewing up a whole stack of undies in no time! Get the pattern HERE!

P.S. See more undies made from this pattern in the Undies Pattern Flickr group!

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