Friday, November 2, 2012

And that's how Gilmore Girls is making me skinny

Man, that friendly candy corn cup looks really freaky in this picture. Sorry guys.

So, I have been trying to lose weight for, well, basically this entire year. Even when I thought I was pregnant I was secretly still wishing I'd drop a pound or two. But then I miscarried/was never really pregnant and I don't really know anything about how that effects one's body, but I swear it has messed with my body in so many weird ways. Or at least, any time my body has done something weird this year I've blamed it on that. Because my body has been so out of whack. And in no way has my body been more out of whack than in its ability to respond to my multiple efforts to lose weight.


In the past year I have tried counting calories, going running, shredding with Jillian, going on the exercise bike, going on walks, running a 5K, going without treats, going without sugar or animal products, cutting back on carbs... the list goes on. Now I'll admit that I haven't stuck with any of these things for more than a month or two, but, seriously, I should have at least seen some kind of improvement.

But no. My body is at 155 and that is exactly where it wants to stay. Boo to you, body.

Then this week I started doing a health challenge with a few friends and family members. I've done this health challenge before, but it ended up being right in the middle of when I thought I was pregnant and then I miscarried and then I laid on the couch feeling sick for a month and then I didn't care about losing weight (or trying to move) at all.

So... the last go around didn't go so well. But, hey! Look at me! I'm trying again! This time around we're not doing the whole money thing and, ironically, I've been a lot more motivated. I've gotten a perfect score every day this week except for Halloween, which was my treat day. And--drum roll please--
I've already lost 3* pounds! Woot!

Now if I can just keep it off and make sure the numbers keep getting smaller instead of bouncing back up. Grr. I've been as low as 151 (my current weight) at other times during this year, but I don't think I've ever dropped below 150. The 140's and 130's and 120's (my ultimate goal) just mock me. They're so close and yet sooo far away. Bah. But so far I'm still feeling very motivated and I'm really enjoying the healthier me.

You can read more about the health challenge on that post (see the link above), but basically I've been drinking lots of water, eating my fruits and veggies, tracking my calories with MyFitnessPal, not eating any treats (except one day a week), not eating anything after 9 pm (except I did on my treat day this week), and exercising for at least 45 minutes each day.

Last week I checked out the 6th season of Gilmore Girls from the library and, as usual, got hooked. We have an exercise bike and I am proud to say that I have already biked my way through the entire 6th season of Gilmore Girls and started in on the 7th. Hooray! Hurrah! Go me!

Actually, on most days I've been biking my way through two or three (45 minute long) episodes. And I've been really good about all of the other health challenge stuff that I mentioned above. And (knock on wood) it's working!

And that's how Gilmore Girls is making me skinny.

P.S. But I'm worried about what to watch when I finish the 7th season because that's the last one. I could start at the beginning again, but I'm not really in the mood. I've already watched all of the first 2 seasons of Downton Abbey and we've religiously watched the first 4 seasons of West Wing. Any recommendations for good shows to get hooked on next?

*For those of you who can do math and are wondering why I said I was at 155, lost 3 pounds, and now I'm at 151, technically, I started this week at 154, so for the health challenge I've only lost 3 pounds. But, in my heart, it's really 4 pounds! Hurrah!


Bryan Lewis said...

I think David would recommend watching Top Gear and Mythbusters. I'm proud of you for sticking to your goals!

Kathy Haynie said...

Atta girl! Go you!!

Annie said...

That's just awesome Katie! Whoohoo! You go girl! As for good seasons, even though there are only three it would be a sin to not suggest Arrested Development. So stinkin good. And on Netflix if you have it. - Andrea Langford

Annie said...

That's just awesome Katie! Whoohoo! You go girl! As for good seasons, even though there are only three it would be a sin to not suggest Arrested Development. So stinkin good. And on Netflix if you have it. - Andrea Langford

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Nice job, Katie! I've been doing pretty good with the Challenge...but I still need to carve out the time for the exercise. Not eating sweets is already helping though. I chose Halloween as my treat day too...I mean come on...I had to make a ton of cupcakes for Katie's class party and it's pretty much impossible not to lick a little frosting...but I didn't do as much tasting as I would have before starting the challenge. ;)

crafterhours said...

Arrested development, fo sho, but also Firefly and Battlestar Galactica! You don't have to be a sci fi fan to love them, I promise :)

Emily said...

Yay for you!!! And yay for Gilmore girls! :). Love you!

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

love the gilmore girls! I was just thinking I should find seasons and start at the beginning again! library is a great idea where to find them! and good job!

Lisa Lou said...

Right on, home girl.

I'm thinking Friends, or the Office. or old-school like Saved by the Bell, Full House, etc. Or BBC mini-series like North & South, Wives & Daughters (actually, those might not be totally motivating to you...).

I'm excited for Christmas when we can go on real walks!!

Jess said...

Have you ever watched Psych? It's hilarious and we have most of the seasons on DVD that you could borrow.

Kristie said...

Psych is awesome, and it would be a good one to work out to. We have Amazon instant video and they have a bunch of mythbusters/dirty jobs/discovery stuff if you like that.
The one that I really love is Big Bang Theory. I laugh every time I watch it.
Way to go you! Keep up the hard work!

alison said...

Ohhhhh man I love TV. Friends is good. Bones. Ben and Kate. One Tree Hill. Modern Family. Parks and Recreation. Revolution. Vampire Diaries.

Enjoy... hahaa good for you on working out and staying in shape!

Threads of Light said...

Try watching the tv series Merlin. It's up to season 5 already so should keep you going.

Whitney said...

PUSHING DAISIES. I put it in all caps because I am yelling! Best show that has ever been on TV. It was canceled too soon. I'll also second Parks and Rec and Arrested Development.

Karen Sue said...

I'd like more info on what you are doing. We did some challenges over the last 1.5 years and the hubby lost 50 pounds, but I struggled with 10, which I still wrestle with now. It was a revised version of Game On for wimps, I think...hehehee!
Anyway, might I suggest Parenthood, which stars Lorelai in a new role as a divorced mother of 2...lots of her same character carry over to the new role. I don't admit Gilmore Girl addiction to too many, cuz they give me a very puzzled look, but for Christmas last year, the hubby got me something that looked like a Barbie carrying case with all 7 seasons inside! Brought as much excitement as my original Skipper doll case, but I've not watched them all yet. What great incentive!!