Sunday, November 11, 2012


Me brushing Marae's teeth for her on one of our infamous road trips (circa 2007)

Bonus post tonight. After accusing me of "lice cream" in my last post, I couldn't contain myself and had to call up one of my old college roommates and very best friends. Which, by the way, was wonderful. We probably haven't talked in years, but if you had been listening in on our conversation you never would have known. Those are my favorite kinds of friends.

And, in honor of our super ridiculous conversation, I was compelled to write the following haiku. We used to write ridiculous haikus to each other all the time in college, so, ya know, it's fitting and nostalgic and stuff.

Anyway, here it is. Have fun counting the syllables.

Talking to Marae 
All of the real stuff--
Places, dates--doesn't matter
Nonsense feels like home.

Here's to awesome friends. And good dental hygiene.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said... and Patti are like that. Whenever we get together it's like we were never apart. I can't call her too often though...because we spend at least an hour talking on the phone.

Marae said...

baha and teehee and tenderloinda! golly it was good to talk in my high pitched voice again (and to hear yours, tell bry bry sorrry).

also, please resist the urge to contain yourself more often!

and now many random haiku lines (about buffalo and the curtain rod snake and the sad friendless doll) are swimming around in my mind.

Bryan Lewis said...

I can always tell
By the pitch of your high voice
Who you're talking to.