Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye, November

Well, the month is basically over now. Time for December! Woot! If you follow me on Instagram (@theredkitchenkatie) then you already know I've been going a little Christmas crazy over here. We're visiting family for the holidays, which means there's only so much time to finish up projects and wrap presents and all fun stuff.

By way of shamelessly bragging, I would like to tell you that I have already done the following things:

-Acquired AND wrapped 99.9% of the gifts we're giving this year
-Made (and packaged) goodies to give to friends and neighbors
-Made (and packaged) goodies to give to Olivia's preschool teachers and classroom aides
-Acquired and wrapped birthday gifts for a certain birthday boy we'll be seeing on vacation
-Made another one of these lovelies
-Planned our meals through the end of December

Alright, actually that list doesn't seem nearly as impressive as I wanted it to. I don't think it's a good enough representation of all the running around and making I've been doing lately. Whatevs. Just be impressed and stuff.

Maybe tomorrow I'll come back and tell you more about the sweet-o (and cheap-o) way we're wrapping presents this year. :) Goodbye November!


rachkatt said...

What?? It sounds super impressive! I have only casually thought about what gifts to get, and have not purchased a single one yet..eeps! Have to get on that.

Bryan Lewis said...

Ha, I love the picture of the sad kitty. If only we really did get that for Nathan.

Emily said...

What? I thought I was on top of things but you are way ahead of me! I feel like I need to get these things done now so I'm not quite so overwhelmed. Anyways can't wait to see you again! Love you! M

Kathy Haynie said...

Your package arrived at Laurel Lane on Thursday! Love the gift wrap. Is there a sad kitty inside?