Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's beginning to look a very little bit like Christmas

If only these gorgeous little versions of Christmas-in-a-jar were at my house instead of Anthropologie.

Our house has been kind of trashed lately. We've been awesome about doing the laundry, but terrible about putting it away. It's all accumulated in a big fat pile at the foot of our bed and the other day, when I was getting dressed in the morning and Olivia was in our room with me, she said, "Mommy, watch! I jump into the clothes!" Uhh... no.

Aside from over half our wardrobe being on the floor, there's been random stuff out all over the place, the bathrooms have been needing a good wipe-down for weeks, and I'm pretty sure the floors have been ignored for a month or more. (Okay, so I know it's more, but I'm trying to not sound so gross.) We had big plans to clean up the entire house yesterday, but then neither of us were in the mood, so we went for a little window-shopping outing instead. (Hence the pretty Anthro jars. Find me on Instagram @theredkitchenkatie.)

We had stake conference today (i.e. only two hours of church instead of the usual three) and when we got home we decided it was time to battle the cluttered, icky house. Feel free to judge us about it not being a Sunday appropriate activity if you want, but I can tell you that our house feels way more peaceful now than it did this morning. So there.

We made a little list of all the things we wanted to get done/places in the house that needed to be cleaned up and got busy. Bryan worked on the mountain of dishes in the sink while I... made a bigger mess. I couldn't help it. I started dusting and then while I was dusting I was thinking about moving some things around and, before long, all of the books on the bookshelf in our living room were sprawled out all over the floor and I was standing there staring at the bookshelf, trying to decide what to do next.

Well, several hours and lots of busy work later, I am happy to say that our entire house is clean, not only in spite of my mess-making, but also because of it. The stuff that's been hanging out on the floor for weeks have finally all found happy little homes. Most of our books--miracle of miracles--actually fit on our bookshelf downstairs, so we were able to put the other spaces where they had been stashed before to better use.

I'm kind of in a "get this stuff out of my sight" phase right now when it comes to maternity clothes and baby stuff, so all of the maternity clothes that had been in the top of my closet since we moved in are now stashed in a back crevice of Olivia's extra closet space so I won't have to look at them and have them in the way every day. And I am totally psyched because one of my best friends is expecting a baby and I talked her into borrowing all of our baby stuff until their baby grows out of it. This is not only awesome because I'm happy all the stuff will get put to good use again AND we really like these friends AND I just know their baby is going to be so cute, but also because--hello!--I can get the baby stuff out of my house and still have it if we need it later all at the same time. Win-win-win-win-win.

Once everything was entirely cleaned and re-organized, I set to work at putting a couple of Christmas decorations out. Normally I'm a "wait until after Thanksgiving" kind of gal, but we're not going to be celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas in our own house this year, so it seemed silly to get super into decorating. Almost every year of our marriage I've gone all out decorating for Christmas, then we go somewhere else for Christmas, and then when we come home our house is still all Christmas-y and our moods are all not. So this year I decided to save myself the post-Christmas "I'm so mad at myself for putting up so many decorations" headache and just go light on the decorating. And, since we won't be here for Thanksgiving this year either, I decided to go ahead and put the few decorations out now so Olivia can enjoy them for a nice long while.

In the end, all I ended up doing was putting out the star on our front door and setting up the nativity set for Olivia to play with. I also rounded up all of our Christmas books and put them out for her. Done and done. She already played with the nativity set today and made "everybody share the house together." Hmm... that's nice, I guess. She also kept asking which guy was the "wise man" and which one was the "foolish man." Maybe we'll have to review the logistics of the Christmas story again sometime.

Anyway, I'm feeling anything but bah-humbug when it comes to Christmas, but I'm happy that I've skimped on the decorations this year. Someday when we have a real house and actually spend Christmas in it I'll go all out, but this year all my beloved childhood ornaments are very nicely staying just where they are. As is the Christmas tree. And all the other stuff. Boo-yah.


Kathy Haynie said...

Ah yes, my way to clean. Pull all the books out of the bookshelf. Hahaha. Actually, I'm thinking about arranging the living room books in color (book spine) order. Will I hate myself? Not sure yet...yay for your clean house!

Kristie said...

Love the feeling of accomplishing something. And having a clean house, awesome. And I wouldn't judge on what day you did it, it always seems to help me get more done when my hubby is around to distract the children. :)

Bryan Lewis said...

Man, I can't even remember when our house was this clean. It's so nice.

Emily said...

I really love this little post. I love that you have a few simple Christmas things out, I love the win win win win win situation we have going on with baby things and I love that your house is clean. If only you could clean my house now too....that would really be a win win...err...uh...ok maybe just a win. But it would be nice. :). Love you friend! Enjoy your clean house and fun Christmas things!