Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lost: My Groove

Bah. I seem to have lost my groove. Such a pain when that happens. Makes me wish there was a button I could push (you know, like on a home phone) and my groove would start beeping so I could locate it more quickly.

I was so hard core about exercising and eating healthy and not being a whiner about not eating chocolate every single day. Even through the Thanksgiving break I was so good! And then we came home and I just deflated or something. Basically, all I want to do right now is work on Christmas stuff and eat treats and not exercise.

Groove, where have you gone? Please come back before I become a total fatty.

Also, as I have done many, many times before, I highly recommend the Ruby Lou Doll pattern. Add it to your holiday make and/or buy list. You won't regret it. Not that I get anything out of it. I was just making another one today and it reminded me how wonderful it is. I helped test the pattern a few years ago when my good blogging friend was developing the print version and since then I have made several wonderful little dollies. Thanks for the excellent pattern, Abby!

Ahem. This is what I was working on today instead of, ya know, exercising. Groove, come baaaaack!


Josh and Alice said...

Nooooooo! Don't lose it! Groove come back! Seriously, the longer the groove is lost, the harder it is to get back to it so don't let it happen until you get to your goal weight. That's why I organized my own 8 week challenge after the first one so that I could keep going since I knew I wasn't where I wanted to be. Near the end of my first challenge I actually started getting to the point where I realized I didn't NEED to eat chocolate every day. Keep it up! You can do it!

Marilyn said...

But a chocolate a day is good for you! Don't deprive yourself...just have a smaller portion. :-)

Allynara said...

I agree with Marilyn. You don't have to ban all the nice things, just take one or 2 pieces instead of a whole bar. The only downside is that at the beginnen you'll want another and another until you ate the whole bar. What i do is this: Break the chocolat in pieces and keep one or two. Stack the rest of it somewhere else, not in the same room as you are. Oh, and when you still have a craving for something sweet: take an apple, orange, carrot, pear, cucumber, tomato, ... Mostly, that helps. And if you do eat another one: don't feel toooooo bad: you can start over the moment you 'sin'.