Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Want, Need, Wear, Read: My List

Yesterday was Olivia's Want, Need, Wear, Read list. Today's it's my turn. :)

Want: Cotton Solids
If working on the book has taught me anything about myself, it is this: I love 100% cotton solids. These Kona solids are such a great weight and they sew up so nice. I think a bolt of each color will suffice.

Oh, and feel free to throw in a lifetime supply of white thread. I burn through that stuff at a ridiculous pace these days.

Need: Toothbrush
As it turns out, I am entirely un-picky about toothbrushes. I do prefer a step above the trash ones they hand out at the dentist, but that's about it. My current toothbrush is looking a little, ya know, so it's probably time for a replacement.

Wear: Color Skinnies
A few months ago I bought a pair of skinny mint green chords and, let me tell you, I am hooked. They are so fun to wear! I kind of wanted to buy one in every color, but I didn't think Bryan would appreciate the effect it would have on our budget.

I'm especially digging the navy blue, mustard, and lavender options. Mmmm.

The ones above are from Old Navy. Size 12, please.*

*When I walked into Old Navy the day I bought my green skinnies I overheard a rather flamboyant employee telling the lady who came in just ahead of me, "These skinny pants run extra skinny!" The lady responded in disappointment, to which Mr. Old Navy replied, "You're the only one who sees the number when you put it on, and if they're taking it off they don't care!" Slightly inapropros, but it still makes me laugh every time I think about it. :) And, yo, it makes me feel better about wearing pants that are at least two sizes bigger than I normally wear.

Read: Mollie Makes
I've seen this UK magazine pop up more and more on blogs lately and it always looks so full of crafty goodness. Bry gave me a subscription to Martha Stewart a couple years ago and I really enjoyed it, but I find I can only take so much of the richy pants craftiness, so we didn't bother renewing. (Though if she was still publishing Martha Stewart KIDS it would be an entirely different story. Miss that mag so much!)

My parents have given Bryan subscriptions to two of his favorite magazines (National Geographic and Popular Science) every year basically since we got married and it has been an awesome gift over the years. Magazine subscriptions are truly the gift that keeps on giving. This one looks like fun.

Anyway, I certainly don't expect to get any of these things this year (although--hint! hint!--I really am hoping for a new toothbrush), but it's always fun to make a list!

P.S. Bryan and I got smart and made our wish lists on Pinterest this year. You can see mine HERE. See Bryan's HERE. Anything you want to add to your list?


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Love those kona solids...

Skye said...

That is so smart to make Christmas lists on pinterest. I'll have to do that. I love your style by the way!

Nathan said...

Mustard colors are totally IN this season.

Erica and Spencer said...

I am so happy about what that guy at Old Navy said. :) Made my night. I was just glad that I could fit into my normal size of the maternity skinny jeans I just bought. I almost went up a size since I had heard they ran extra skinny too (which in my opinion is adding insult to injury by making a pregnant lady go up a size or two...) but I'm super glad I went with my regular size.

I'm looking forward to having this baby though (and hopefully losing the weight more quickly) so I can get back into the super cute (and much less expensive) regular clothes that Old Navy sells.