Monday, November 26, 2012

Want, Need, Wear, Read: Olivia

My mother-in-law has started requesting that Bryan's younger siblings create Christmas lists with the following categories: want, need, wear, and read. I thought it'd make for a fun post and, hey, it's NaBloPoMo, so anything goes.

First up, I thought I'd do Olivia's Want, Need, Wear, Read list:

Want: Sports
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Despite having entirely unathletic parents, Olivia is nuts about sports. She especially seems to love dancing and soccer. A couple of her friends from church are in a local ballet class and I think she would love to join, but her parents are too cheap to sign her up. I think she would also equally enjoy playing on a little soccer team, but she won't be old enough for the local teams until next fall when she's four. (By the way, you should be so impressed by me that I actually know about the local kids' soccer teams.)

Need: Nightstand

Well, actually, Olivia doesn't really need anything. Bryan and I thought about it for two whole days and couldn't come up with anything. We even asked Olivia what she needed and she said, "nuffing." This, I think is awesome. It is a testament to how richly we are blessed that our sweet little girl doesn't really need anything more than what she already has.

Still, I was trying to round out the list, so when Bryan finally came up with the fact that we've been meaning to get her a nightstand, I figured I'd put that here. All she really has next to her bed are books, so this little bookshelf would make a perfect "nightstand"... and conveniently match the rest of the shelving in our house.

Wear: Skinny Jeans

Olivia is finally starting to grow out of her jeans, which means it's time for some new ones. And with her super skinny little legs, skinny jeans are both practical and adorable. I've seen great options at Target and Old Navy, but can't find pictures online. So, I give you these super overpriced ones from Gap. Size 3T, please.

Read: Elephant and Piggie books

I've mentioned it before, but, man, Olivia is nuts about these books. They're cute and funny and they have an elephant, so what's not to love? They're also great because they're non-annoying easy reader books. Win-win. See the bundle HERE on Amazon.

And, there you have it. Those are the things this particular 3 year-old is currently into. Now to work on my list...

P.S. I forgot! If you want to see more stuff Olivia would like/think was cute/funny, see HERE.

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Whitney said...

I love love love Elephant & Piggie books! I used them with a girl I'm tutoring and they were her favorite. She struggled with reading and these were the first books I saw her get excited about. We even printed off pictures from the internet and glued them to craft sticks and put on puppet shows for her parents.