Thursday, November 8, 2012

Your turn

While waiting at the swimming pool, it helps to wear cute shoes. (@theredkitchenkatie on Instagram)

I'm tired and I got nothin' right now. In lieu of a worthwhile blog post, I would like you all to write really funny comments. Or share a link to your favorite YouTube video. Or the saddest story of your life. Whatevs. You choose.

So there.


Alma Boheme said...

a friend just sent me this.. and put a lot in perspective... it is good you are sitting for this one.
Its the reality of what is going on in my old city where I used to live.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

This isn't exactly funny...but it's a favorite YouTube video at our house lately. We'll be going to see her concert in a little over a week in Seattle.

Mego said...

My coworker sent me this funny.

Lisa Lou said...

Saddest story of Wednesday: Calvin threw up four times - twice on me and the bed and the computer, twice in the shower while I was trying to wash us both off. Less saddest story of Thursday: Calvin only threw up once and it was only on himself. Least sad story of today: no throw up! (As far as I know. I'm in the library all day. Mark's in charge of the babe.)

Bryan Lewis said...

This is my favorite 9 second video:

Tiffany said...

We love this video for some reason. (and the video response of people acting it out. Brian and I tend to act this out more often then we'll ever admit. Except right now..)
Human response:

My favorite Brian Regan: I laugh every time.