Monday, December 31, 2012

7 Pretty Pictures (and I can't go to bed)

We're (still) visiting family and for the past few weeks Olivia has been sleeping in our room. It's annoying. Mostly because she has developed this really obnoxious talent: she wakes up two minutes before Bryan and I decide we want to go to sleep. And it's not like we go to bed at the same time every night. In fact, we've been going to bed at different times every night. Bah.

Tonight was no exception. And so, rather than try to go to bed when she's still sort of awake and then tell her to be quiet so she doesn't wake up the baby in the next room and then have a wonderful little "we're all too tired to make any sense" family fight, Bryan and I have surrendered (for now) and are just staying up late(r) while she (hopefully) falls asleep (again.)

(Too many parentheses? Haha. Okay, okay. I'll stop.)

Anyway, since we're being bullied out of going to bed, I thought I'd show you some pictures I like. They're all from Instagram because, well, that's where all of my pictures seem to be from these days. I bought a book to hopefully help me learn how to use my fancy camera better, but in the meantime my iPod has definitely become my fallback. Feel free to judge.

But on to the pictures. Here are some things I like/have to say about them:

1. This past Friday we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Yay marriage and us. Every year on our anniversary I think, "__(insert whatever we're doing that day)__ is so much nicer than going to a wedding." In fact, that's what I think on most people's anniversaries. Don't get me wrong, weddings are nice. But not going to weddings is nicer.

Anyway, Bryan's family was kind enough to watch Olivia while we went on a little outing on our anniversary. We drove to a cute little nearby town called Lucketts so we could visit some antique shops I've been wanting to go to for a long time. We pass them on our drive every time we come to visit, but we're always in too much of a hurry to stop in. Also, taking a three year old to an antique shop is not a fun time.

Long story short, they had these super pretty glass doorknobs that I wanted to buy real bad. Maybe someday.

2. Bryan and I had just as much fun mentally picking apart the big old fashioned house the antique shop was in as we did looking at all the old stuff in it. In the floor of several of the upstairs rooms they had these vents that went from the floor of one room to the ceiling of the room below.

We had a vent exactly like this in my room in the house I grew up in. I guess maybe it was good for heating (???) back in the old days. Mostly all I ever used it for was yelling things to my parents and siblings downstairs. And secretly/not-so-secretly listening in on conversations in the kitchen below.

3. I love my husband so much. Best five years of my life.

4. This is the cute antique store we went to. If you're ever in Lucketts, please do stop by. It has so many wonderful treasures inside.

5. This is the picture I took of my computer screen after I posted that poem on my blog the other day. Uhh... maybe in my head I look like an old timey movie star in this picture. Maybe I am right?

6. It has been snowing quite a bit here. And then melting the very next day. When you're planning a return trip, that is exactly the kind of snow you want.

7. My sister in law picked up a guitar for the first time in her life today and was already playing better than I ever could after I practiced a lot. My old roommates can attest to how bad I was. A little bit I am so jealous. And a little bit I want to give the guitar another try when we get home. It's been sitting neglected in the basement for far too long.

Well, I think Olivia finally fell asleep again. So maybe now I can go to bed. After I wake up Bryan, that is. He has since fallen asleep in the armchair.

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alee said...

I hate sleeping in the same room as your child. Hate it. Definitely the worst part about traveling and the holidays. Hope you had fun! :)