Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Business Cards I Like

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As I slowly inch closer to being ready to submit my book to publishers, I've been thinking more and more about business cards. I've never been to Alt (or any blog conference for that matter), but I love that so many bloggers who are going to Alt have been posting the secrets behind their rad DIY business cards lately. Above are a few of my faves. (See more on my Business Stuff pinterest page.)

I really love the raw quality of my old sample and business cards, but now that I've moved away from selling the buttons in my shop, I think I'm ready for something new. I've really enjoyed making my business cards myself and using recycled materials, but maybe I'm ready for something new? Can't decide.

What makes a business card really stand out to you these days? Cool design? Different shape? Fun layers? I'm always on the hunt for great ideas. :)


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for sharing my cards and for your sweet comment on my post :)

Unknown said...

cool blog! I linked your post to my blog here: