Monday, January 21, 2013

Fresh new week

Well, Bryan beat me fair and square on health challenge points last week. And by the end of the week we were both getting really pathetic scores. But not again!

This morning I started things off right with this delicious little jar of vanilla yogurt and fresh blackberries. Yummmm. (6 oz light vanilla yogurt + 1 cup fresh blackberries = 142 calories.)

Thank goodness for a fresh new week, a fresh new start.


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Emily said...

Here's to a fresh new week! Love your breakfast combo. Richard and I may need to join your health challenge. Or do our own. I have three new health goals and exercised for 20 minutes today! It's all very minimal as my ankle is still swelling like a balloon more often than not but it felt good to be doing something! If I can accomplish my goals for three weeks I'm getting a manicure!
So love you!