Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3 for FREE! -- Fun Valentine's Day Printables

Everybody getting excited for Valentine's Day on Thursday? I know I am! If you're still looking for a fun way to spread your love, check out these three free printables from the archives!

1. Color Your Own (& pre-colored) Valentines
These fun valentines come in plain black and white that are perfect for coloring as well as classic, girl, and boy themes. Print 6 to a page and they're perfect for adding a pack of M&M's to the back. Or print the postcard size to send to friends and family!

2. "Happy Valentine's Day!" Banner, Matching Game, & Gift Tags
This printable is perfect for so many things! Head on over to the original post for more ideas!

3. Valentine's Day Bubble Tags
Looking to spread the love minus the calories? With so many kids having food allergies these days, giving a non-food valentine can be a really thoughtful gift. Add these skinny tags to the top of bubbles or another toy and you'll give an easy valentine that's sure to please!

Have lots of fun getting ready for this day of love! Don't forget to add a little something extra for that cute boy you have a crush on! 

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