Saturday, February 23, 2013

Instead, we went to IKEA

Probably no one in the world other than me noticed, but I (ahem) didntpostanewtutorialthisweek. (If you say it fast it makes it not sound so bad.) I know, I know, it's okay and life should come first and stuff. But I really do want to keep posting a new tutorial each week. I'm just not sure how realistic that is for me with everything else I'm working on right now. But I want it to be. We'll see what happens next week. The point is, I realized last night that I still needed to share a new tutorial this week and I had every intention of doing it today... but instead we went to IKEA. And, really, doesn't that sound more fun? :)

We didn't desperately need anything from IKEA, but we didn't have a lot going on today, so around 1:30 in the afternoon I said, "Hey, let's go to IKEA," and then we did. Which is saying something, since it's an hour and a half away. But whatevs. It was a beautiful day, so the roads were nice and clear and, all around, it was a really pleasant trip. Olivia's at this awesome age where she's so convenient. She's happy at restaurants, easy-going on long car trips, doesn't need a nap, is fully potty-trained, and is just a fairly all-around pleasant person. So playing hooky from chores and tutorial writing today was pretty fun. We even got to see some friends from college who live sort of close to IKEA.

All in all, a very happy Saturday. Except for the fact that it made me fail at my goal to publish a new tutorial on my portfolio blog every week this year. But, in my defense, I published, like, four or five tutorials the first week, so I'm letting that make up for our little excursion today. Fair enough?

Now if only I can get Bryan to help me set up the new shelves before we go to bed...

P.S. Thanks for all of your clever responses to yesterday's post. Who knew lying could be so fun? Maybe I'll have to do it more often. :)

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Whitney said...

Lying is the most fun thing in the entire world. You know I highly encourage it.