Friday, February 8, 2013

New Tutorial: Mini Doll Books

I mentioned on Instagram the other day that my business basically runs on cardboard boxes. Today's tutorial is further proof. I just love the natural look of the cardboard, the fact that it's totally free, and that reusing it is kind of like giving the earth a hug.

Olivia has been really into writing books lately. She wrote me a "book" (scrap of paper folded in half) a couple weeks ago and she still talks about it all the time. She's also been carrying her dollies around with her everywhere lately, teaching them how to swim, making them share their toys, etc. I thought Olivia might enjoy writing some books for her dollies too. I created these little books from cereal boxes and scratch paper and then let Olivia go to town writing words and coloring pictures in the books.

As I sit here and write, Olivia's been busy writing the books and then helping her dollies learn to read them. So I'd say they're a hit!

Head on over to my portfolio for the Mini Doll Books tutorial.

Also, I just have to say a few words about these sweet dollies. A few years ago I helped test the pattern for these sweet Ruby Lou dolls and, since then, I've made around 10 of the dolls. Some have gone off to live with nieces (see here and here) and nephews (I made a boy version for him) and these two stayed home for Olivia to play with.

The one with the green hair was the very first one I made, but the blondie ballerina is a new addition. I made her for Olivia for Christmas. She and Olivia have matching ballet outfits too!

Over the past few months Olivia has started playing with these dollies more and more and it is so fun to watch. I love listening to the little conversations she has with them and seeing all the silly things she makes them do. I'm so glad they're a part of the family!

Need Ruby Lou in your family too? The Ruby Lou doll pattern is one of many excellent PDF patterns included in the Sew Fab e-Pattern sale going on right now! Go snatch up a pattern bundle while you can. These pattern bundles are only available through Feb. 11.

Happy sewing!

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