Thursday, February 28, 2013

Realistic Expectations

Today's realistic expectation: grilled cheese sandwich for lunch

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was totally put together. I exercised for 45 minutes a day, ate really healthy, read real books on a regular basis (okay, so it was a book a month), planned fun outings with my daughter, made Christmas presents...

Yeah, Christmas presents. This was back in December. Pre-Christmas. Boy are those days gone.

As I sat on the big comfy leather couch at my in-laws' house, reveling in the joys of doing nothing all Christmas break, I made the following goals for 2013:

  1. Finish writing/compiling the first draft of my book
  2. Compile a draft of my book that is submission worthy
  3. Submit my book to agents and/or publishers
  4. Work on an e-book version of my book
  5. Learn how to play at least 5 chords on the guitar
  6. Go to the temple every month
  7. Read a book about temples
  8. Finish reading the Old Testament
  9. Teach a sewing class
  10. Finish reading Understanding Exposure
  11. Finish reading lessons book with Olivia
  12. Weigh 140 pounds
  13. Create a portfolio blog and post a new tutorial on it once a week

13 goals for 2013. How charming of me. Today's the last day of February and, if the stereotypes about new years resolutions are correct, I should have failed at/forgotten all of my goals by now. Let's see how I'm doing...

1-4... I have a publisher already so, yeah, I'll check those off the list.
5... Ha! Maybe when I'm bored at Christmas I'll do this.
6... January: check. February: fail.
7... I think I read 4 pages?
8... S-l-o-w-l-y getting through this. I have no idea what Moses and the Children of Israel are doing. Are they in the wilderness? Are they not in the wilderness?
9... February: check! March: already planned. Want to come?
10... If only.
11... I'm still going on walks and I'm taking a break from sugar. Does that count?
12... 9 pounds to go.
13... Hmmm

In case you couldn't tell from this second list, I had no idea that I would be publishing my book so soon. I've been debating for the past few weeks whether or not to keep trying to post a new tutorial each week and, with some more news today about the release date of my book, I decided to keep my expectations realistic. 

I know you're not going to be able to sleep at night because you'll be up crying over it, but, well, sometimes the truth hurts: I'm taking a break from the weekly tutorials until after my book stuff is submitted. There. I said it. Need a tissue? (Here you go.)

Let's be honest. Probably none of you will notice or mind if I take a break from the weekly tutorials. But I notice. This blog is my first love (creative sharing/tutorial writing love, that is) and I miss sharing tutorials with you. But, for now, right now, I need to focus all of my creative energy on the almighty book. In the mean time, I still have every intention of babbling away at you all and inflicting really boring lists of new years resolutions on you and stuff. Fun, no?

Anyway. The end. I have to go work on more book stuff. Love to you all!


Unknown said...

Sometimes, you just have to reevaluate stuff! Book writing and publishing is a Big Deal. I'll miss the tutorials, but. You know. There'll be a book later on! Yipee!

Marae said...

i thought i was your first love!

hmmph. well anyway, the hugest of congratulations and pick-up-twirl-arounds on your upcoming book publishing! daaang you are awesome.

Allynara said...

I don't mind that you won't post a tutorial each week. Do you know why? Because if I've got a little patience, there'll be a whole BOOK to devour! So, yes, I'll miss it a bit, but I don't mind because we get something better at the end!