Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Day 2: PJ Shorts

Kids Clothes Week Day 2 here at The Red Kitchen was a big success. I finished... drum roll please... 6 pairs of pj shorts! Woot! All of them are made from vintage sheets I've thrifted over the past couple of years and all of them were made using Dana's Basic Kid Pants pattern (free on her blog). I just shortened the pattern to make shorts instead of pants. And I only used the "back" pattern piece because, well, these are pjs and I'm lazy.

Want to see them all? Let's go...

As you may have noticed, some are a little longer/shorter than others. Whatevs. As I was cutting out the especially short ones I was singing "Who wears short shorts? Olivia wears short shorts!" in my head.

Also, I used the existing hem on the sheets for the bottom of some of the shorts (like the pair above). For the rest of them I just sewed a quick hem.

All of them also have really cute little tags in the back which probably no one in real life will appreciate other than me, so, ya know, I had to brag about them to you kindred spirits who care about that stuff. And in case you're interested (because I know this is SO interesting) the tags are scrap pieces of the following materials: t-shirt scrap, ric rack, bias tape, and twill tape.

Bonus feature: they also make really great chalkboard erasers. Always a plus when you're trying to take photos outside and you're too lazy to go back inside for a washcloth.

Anyway, now Olivia won't have to sleep in her skivvies all summer long. Hurrah!


marci @ the wallace house said...

Cute! I want to see them on the little miss herself!

KaeLee said...

No modeling? :( Thats always my favorite part!

Katie Lewis said...

Sadly, I didn't finish the shorts until after bedtime and Olivia was in bed when I took these pictures. Well, I'm not sad that she was in bed, but I'm sad I couldn't snap some pictures of the shorts on her. Hopefully tomorrow. :)

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

adorbs. That washi tape looks familiar... :D I love making pj's out of vintage sheets-they're already so soft and cozy. Will have to whip some of these up soon!

Kristie said...

I have a cousin who gave me a bunch of pillow cases. I was trying to figure out what to do with them. But summer pj shorts it is! Thanks for the inspiration!