Saturday, May 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Bubble Tags

These festive bubble wands make great sugar-free valentines to give to friends. And personalizing them is quick and easy with this free printable.

Note: I originally published this tutorial in my portfolio, but over the next little while I'll be working on re-publishing these tutorials here just to simplify things and keep it all together.

You will need:
  1. "Happy Valentine's Day!" bubble tag free printable (click HERE to view and print)
  2. Small bubble wands
  3. Pen
  4. Glue stick
  5. Scissors or paper cutter

Follow link above to print bubble tags.
Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut tags apart.
Fold each tag in half.

Sign your name on the back of each tag.

Slip the tag through the heart on top of the bubble wand.
Glue along inside of the tag.
Match tag ends and glue tag together.

Share this sugar-free love with all your best buddies! Don't forget to add a few extra hearts for that special someone!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

These are awesome. I was just about to print a much larger valentine when I spotted these!! Much easier, and quicker, to get ready. And easier for little hands to give away. Thank you!