Sunday, July 21, 2013

Book news: I lived through the first round of editing

It's good to have a friend like Emily who will talk you down from the stress cloud you've created for yourself by saying really nice and true things like, "Nobody will ever notice that except for you." Because these are the things you need to hear when you finish the first major edit of your book.

Yipes! That's right, friends, I did it. My publisher sent me a Word doc of my entire book to read through (and fix) and, by golly, I did it. And, after going through that experience, I would like to tell you something. You are so welcome for the billions of pictures in this book. Because I just had to read through the whole thing without any pictures in it and it might have been the most boring thing ever. (Uhh... but don't tell anyone I said that. You're not supposed to say that about your own book.) Every now and then I'd have to look up the picture that went with a particular step so I could make sure everything would mesh together the right way and each time I did it was like a breath of fresh air. "Oh yeah!" I'd say to myself, "There are pictures!" I am fully confident that it is going to be completely un-boring by the time it gets in your hands. And that all of the materials will be listed for each of the projects... whoops! Editing is boring, but also the bomb. Thank goodness I have lots of good editors on my side. I owe them a lot a lot a lot a lot.

Working on this edit of the book (picture-less though it was) was also fun because it got me totally re-pumped about my book. By the time I finished sending in my entire manuscript and all the photographs a few months ago I was completely burned out and ready to just not think about my book for a while. Pregnancy sickness was the perfect vacation opportunity for doing just that. I laid on the couch and watched movies and read Harry Potter and played games on my ipod and slept so, so much. I know it sounds crazy after all the work and heart I had put into my book while developing and writing it, but, once I stepped away for a few months, I kind of kept forgetting about it all together. Every now and then someone would ask how my book was coming and it was a poke in the brain every time. I wrote a book? Oh yeah, I wrote a book. "It's going well!" :)

My publisher had been working on some other projects after I finished sending everything in, which is why I got a couple months off to fully enjoy throwing up every morning. It was good timing indeed. Then, a few weeks ago, emails started trickling in from my publicist and editors again, asking me to do stuff, telling me the next draft would be coming, etc. It was a welcome wake-up call. I seem to be over (most) of my pregnancy sickness these days and have more energy, so I was ready for some good old fashioned work to do. I got to work on all my book writing stuff (writing up my marketing plan, editing the book, etc.) and it felt so good to be truly productive again.

It also felt/feels good to be excited! After round one of book writing my excitement had waned some due to my exhaustion, but after a break and the renewal of fresh work, I'm more excited about my book than ever. It's coming! It's really happening! And so soon! Yippee!

I've also started work on making a large stockpile of handmade (by yours truly) items made from the projects in my book to sell at some local craft shows in the fall and winter and this has also added to my excitement. Anyone who's ever written a set of instructions, whether it be a simple tutorial, a pattern, or a full-fledged book, gets that panic attack at some point when they wonder, "But is it going to work this well for somebody else?" Despite having testers be successful with the projects in my book, I still worry about that sometimes. Just because I'm me and I worry about stuff like that. But as I've been making the projects from my book over and over again lately it's been both reassuring and exciting to remember the truth: they really are so easy and fun!

You guys, I could not be more excited for you to have this fun little book in your hands and create all the projects inside it. And it's going to be out in just a few months! Hooray!

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Emily said...

It's true. No one will notice. :) I hope you're not worried and I hope you're feeling better! And I'm sorry I had to cut our call short yesterday! Talk again soon, k? Love you friend! And SO excited to see your book SOON!