Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's time to blog again

It's time to blog again.

I've let myself take an unplanned, but much needed break while I recovered from working so hard to send everything in for my book and then taking it easy while I was so sick from early pregnancy. But the worst of the sickness seems to be over (fingers crossed) and soon my book writing duties will be too. So it's time to get back to blogging. But mostly? Because I've really missed it.

I admit that I love Instagram more than I ever thought I could love social media (confession: I hate social media) because it's so easy and pretty and fun. I've connected with so many funny, awesome women who are fellow crafters and bloggers and moms and that's rewarding and uplifting. But it's hard to find yourself and really grow in anything that's instant. I can't say everything I need to say with so few words. I can't share all I want to share in one picture. It's time to blog again.

Coming soon are the projects I finished and photographed back before I got sick. And more exciting news on the book. And lots of baby stuff to be sure. And, hello, I've been making a million cards lately. (What?)

So while I can't promise that this old blog will be filled to the brim with new tutorials (oh, how I wish), I am here to say that I am back in action. Unless the baby makes me throw up again. :)

I have so much to share with you friends! See you back here soon!


Kathy Haynie said...

I love your blog posts. Your writing makes me think and also makes me laugh. So glad you will be posting again!

Amanda said...

I've missed your posts while you've been on your well deserved break! But I have also really liked following you on Instagram! :)