Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oh baby! (secret pregnancy pinterest board... revealed!)

Oh pinterest. How we all love you and can never go back. It was made for crafty brains that need to save ideas and add them to a million different categories. Right? Okay maybe that's just what I do. But while we're on the topic, seriously, when am I going to be able to pin the same thing to multiple boards at once? This organizer needs options. Alright, alright, end of rant.

Aaaaanyway, wanna know a secret? When we first found out that we're expecting baby number two I went a little crazy thinking of all the things I'm going to make for this baby (and for my pregnant self). But of course I couldn't go pinning every baby thing out there or people would catch on. Even if no one else did, I knew for sure my sister Polly would notice. So I did what anyone would do under such circumstances. I created a secret pin board. And then I went crazy pinning every baby and pregnancy related thing out there. :)

But now that I've already spilled the beans and my belly is already sticking out unreasonably far for only being 12 1/2 weeks pregnant, it's time to share all the goods I've been finding. And so I give you:

Baby Love

Above is the link to what used to be my secret baby/pregnancy pinterest board. But now you're all welcome to browse through it and re-pin away. :) There are several fun baby clothing and accessory tutorials, maternity clothes (tutorials as well as pretty inspiration), and lots of other baby goodness. And of course you're also more than welcome to look through my DIY Baby board that I've had since I started my Pinterest account. There are lots and lots of goodies in there too. And while we're on the topic, be sure to look at all the yumminess that's in my Kid Style board. Less tutorials and more drool-worthy inspiration there.

Here are a few of my other favorite baby pinterest boards:

Do you have any favorite baby-related Pinterest boards that you follow? Or other great diy baby/pregnancy/maternity sources? What are your faves? I hope you'll leave the links in the comments so I can check them out!

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dana said...

congrats Katie! So exciting!