Friday, August 23, 2013

I've forgotten how to spend nap time

So, this weird thing happened. Olivia has started taking naps again. Not every single day, but often enough that it's totally throwing me off. By the end of the school year in May she had completely done away with naps all together and, believe it or not, I much prefer our lives without nap time. She plays hard all day, goes to bed early, and Bryan and I have the evenings to ourselves. It's rather luxurious. But this past week or so summer has just been wearing on this sweet girl and she has needed her naps.

It took me a while to realize that naps were the answer because she hasn't needed naps for so long now. But when she had full-blown crazy tantrums two days in a row, that little red flag went off in my brain and I realized she was in serious need of more sleep. For better or worse, I genuinely haven't been all that anxious about having a second child, but when she sat in the corner throwing a wild tantrum for the second day in a row I felt my growing belly and thought to myself, "Wait, we're having another one?" Needless to say, Olivia went down for a nap today. She's in fact still down for her nap as I'm writing this. Only there's just this one tiny problem. Uhh... I've forgotten how to spend nap time.

How do I know?
Because just as I started writing this sentence I heard her wake up. Boo. Not boo that she woke up, but boo that all I did was reply to some emails, look at a few blogs, talk to my sister briefly, and start writing this. Did I work on any of the sewing projects I have in the works? No. Did I sneak in some solo Oreo eating? No. Let's face it. I totally wasted this nap time.

If I know this girl at all (which, actually, is up for debate since she's always surprising me), then I don't think this whole nap thing will continue once she starts preschool again in a couple weeks. But I assume our baby boy will take naps after he's born, at which time I hope I get back into a better groove of fully utilizing nap time for all the sneaky eating and productive making it's meant for.

Man, being a mom is hard sometimes. After all, how many times a day can you really sneak Oreos without anyone watching? I have got to get my act together.

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