Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Like the best of friends

Well, Olivia turned 4 yesterday. And, as you may have seen on Facebook and Instagram, I was a little sad about it on the eve before her birthday. I've never really gotten emotional about her birthdays before, but this one hit me differently. I think that was for several reasons, but mostly I attribute it to the fact that she's growing up. This is her last year in preschool and then next year she starts kindergarten. She's still a little girl, but there is no baby left in her. This, compounded by the fact that we really do have a new baby of the family on the way, made her seem even older and bigger. Which made my little momma heart sad.

Still, by the next day we were all in full celebration mode as we welcomed her 4 year-oldness into our lives. I was sad to say goodbye to the last year and to her littler self, but we were all excited for 4. She's ready to move onward and upward and we're ready to watch and help her do just that. Yesterday was a happy birthday indeed.

Then this morning was the first day back to preschool. What with the excitement of her birthday yesterday and the Labor Day weekend before that, we didn't end up making a very big deal about the start of a new school year. She's already been excited about it and I didn't feel the need to dress it up. About as fancy and back-to-school as we got was when we pulled into the school parking lot this morning and I said, "Okay, Olivia, I want to get a picture of you in front of the wall before we go inside, okay?" And so we did.

She was a little timid about the morning drop off, but whatever anxiety and mom guilt I had about leaving her at preschool last year was non-existent today. She was going back to the exact same school, exact same classroom, with the exact same teachers, and even a few of the exact same friends from her class last year. And one of her good friends from our neighborhood and church is even in her class this year. Also, I threw up right after I woke up this morning and I wasn't feeling particularly sentimental after that.

Like the best of friends, preschool and I met again after the long summer as if we had never been apart. Olivia went off to play with her friends and I came home and got busy on some projects I've been putting off until I had some structured time to work on them. I visited with my sister in law over the phone, I listened to some General Conference talks, I sewed. It was a wonderfully regular preschool morning for me. (And, in case you were worried, it was a happy, normal day at preschool for Olivia too.)

I even had enough presence of mind to put together this little display of Simple Bows (see photo above) for the Avant-Garde show I'm selling at on the 21st. The Simple Bows are a project from my book and, between you and me, these bows are one of my favorite projects in the book, mainly because they serve double duty. What's that mean?
I guess you'll just have to come to the show or buy my book to find out. ;)

Anyway, it's back to business as usual around here. And I couldn't be happier.

P. S. This is completely unrelated, but 10 points to anyone who can spot me in this post on Made By Rae. :)


Emily said...

Love this little post! Minus the throwing up part. And the part about you being sad. But I understand (finally!). I just came downstairs from rocking P. while she was sleeping and said "I just want time to slow down!" I can't believe the Big O is 4 years old! She is so sweet and cute and I know she will be the best big sister! And you are such a good mom! And ahhh, I wish I could come to your show! Oh and I totally spotted you right away on that first photo with all the people. And it made me miss you real bad. If only we could go to that fun shop together! :) And yes, skype next week!

linzi said...

She really is the sweetest little girl. I hope she is still loving preschool and just life in general! And those bows are darling. Wish I had a crafty bone in my body, but I don't! Thankfully, there are talented people in the world, like you!