Friday, October 4, 2013

Itty Bitty Pants for Baby Brother

It was kind of inevitable, right? Matchy-matchy red pants for Olivia and the baby?

The Sew Fab pattern bundle sale (affiliate link) is open through Monday morning at 8 am, but this is the last thing I made from the Sew Fab patterns that I have to share with you all (for now). :)

After making the sweater and pants (both here and here) for Olivia, I still had a bunch of this cozy red knit left over, so of course I had to make some itty bitty pants for baby brother too. ...

These tiny pants made from the Fancy Pants pattern are size 0-3 months. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they are so small! I held up some of the pattern pieces to show Bryan when I was putting them together and he couldn't believe the baby would be that tiny. This is what happens when your kids are 4 years apart. You forget how tiny babies are.

After sewing up the other two pairs of Fancy Pants, this pair came together super quick. Like, 30 minutes or less. And since baby brother will be born in January during the cold winter months, I think I'll make a few more pairs to keep those little baby legs warm.

And speaking of babies, this kid is a mover. When I was pregnant with Olivia, I hardly ever felt her move. I remember one day I was sitting in an armchair while Bryan was taking a shower I felt her kick over and over again for maybe the first time in my whole pregnancy, and I was pretty far along by then. Because she was usually so still, I stayed in the armchair for 15 or 20 minutes until Bryan got out of the shower so he could finally feel her kick.

Ha! This baby boy is constantly moving. He'll settle down sometimes if I'm up moving around, but any time I lounge out and stay still for longer than a few minutes, he starts going. It's like he's doing karate on a trampoline all. day. long. If this is any indication of how he's going to be when he comes out, then I think we're about to have our world totally rocked. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the possible (let's face it: probable) craziness that is about to enter our lives. And at the same time I'm trying to soak up all the peace and calm and quiet of our family as it currently is. It's nice to enjoy the present and look forward to the future at the same time.


Know a teeny tiny baby who needs some soft, cozy pants of their own?

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Unknown said...

Oh my word. Adorable!

Emily said...

I love this post so, so much. I love the itty bitty pants (if you ever have any extra time or fabric please feel free to make some for our itty bitty baby! who isn't that itty bitty anymore, well at least not age wise! 8 months!!!) and I love to think about your little family with a little crazy adorable BOY in it!!! I know he will be the cutest, most adorable little mover! I can just see him following around after his big sister and playing with trucks and being all boy. And having adorable blond curls! I can't wait to meet him! :)

Cassandra said...

Cute!!! You really do forget how tiny they are in the early stages. Just went through the same thing. Our little cherub is now 8.5 weeks. They grow fast!!!

kate said...

These are so tiny and adorable!!